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#009 Thursday, April 19th



#009 Thursday, April 19th

Carol meets Tyler at Number 37 for dinner to discuss Tyler's progress. Tyler hands her the disc and she ask what is on it, but he says he hadn't looked at it yet. Tyler continues on and says that he would have gotten more files had Henry not come in. Carol says that she'll up his reward if he can get his hands on those files. He says he'll try again as soon as the office is left unattended. Carol says that she needs the files sooner rather than later and hopes that he can fulfill the job. Tyler says he'll work as fast as he can.

Dr. Roosevelt comes to see Lynette on her shift at Number 37, asking her how things are going. She says she likes the job and is glad that it is challenging. Gregory then ask how Jim is taking it and she replies by saying he's having a hard time adjusting. Gregory says that in time he'll learn to accept it, but for now she shouldn't be worried about him. Lynette says that he doesn't want there to be any friction in her marriage over a job, she just wants to be able to have a family and a career. Gregory suggest that if it does put a strain on the marriage, that they should come for counseling from him. Lynette says she just might take him up on that offer. He tells her that his door is always open if she needs someone to talk too and she says she's glad that she has someone to talk to.

Amee is working late at the office when JC comes in and asks her if she wants any company, she says yes and tells him to sit down. She says she's working on more designs for the new furniture line and shows JC some of her sketches, which he says are very good. JC asks her if she likes working for McGregor and she says so far it's been great and she's looking forward to future projects. She asks him what if he likes working for his family and he says that it has it's ups and downs, but he wouldn't work anywhere else. Amee says she knows it must be hard having his mother's family as business rivals, he replies by saying that he's become desensitized to the fact, because all he's ever known is fighting. Amee says she can't imagine what it must be like, JC replies by saying he sometimes have hard time understanding it. JC warn Amee that things can get quite demanding at times, so she should prepare herself for it.


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