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This week, Renee Jones makes her Return To Santa Barbara debut in the short term role of Nurse Sherri Rhodes. Sherri, of course, is the nurse who was supposed to have been in the delivery room when Mary's daughter was stillborn. RTSB executive producer juniorz is said to be ecstatic to have Renee aboard.

"She's perfect for this part- it actually worked out quite nicely for both sides, since Ms. Jones didn't want to commit to something long-term, with the possibility of her return to DAYS still looming. I couldn't be more thrilled to have her here!"

The role is recurring.

In other news, it's official: Joseph Bottoms will be returning to RTSB as Kirk Cranston, just in time for February Sweeps. Which can't mean good things for Cruz & Eden fans.

"I'm keeping a tight lid on what I have planned for Kirk, but don't expect to see the cartoon pirate villain you last saw on 'Santa Barbara.' Kirk is no longer a wanted man and is actually a very successful business man in Mexico and Central America. But of course, like everyone on RTSB, he has an agenda." juniorz comments.

Expect to see Kirk back before the week is out. The role is contract.

Additionally, Jared Leto has finished touring and we were able to woo him to come on as Steve Hall, as he was originally cast. Steve is a drifter in his early 20s who will encounter Adriana & Samantha. Expect to see him sometime in the coming weeks. Leto is also on contract.

In other news, Joseph Gallison's name has been removed from the recurring cast crawl. Though I plan to use Joe & Dr. Normandy in the future, there are no imminent plans for the character.

ETA: Don't forget to check out "Talkin Santa Barbara" with Greg & Melissa this Wednesday night at 10PM EST!!!!! The link, of course, can be found on the right side of the blog! Hope to see you all there. SB ON SOAPNET IN '07!!!

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