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Episode One - Monday, February 6, 2006

All My Shadows


Monday, February 6, 2006


Zach shows up at BJs for a cup of coffee and spots Julia already enjoying one. She asks him to join her, and he does. She asks how things have been in his life lately and he tells her about his and Kendall's upcoming remarriage. Julia laughs, joking that Zach will now become another victim of Kendall's twisted emotions. Zach tells her that she may be right.

At her condo, Kendall is attempting to scramble eggs, but burns them in the process. She tells her unborn child to get used to eating take out. While cleaning up the mess, she is surprised when Ryan comes to her front door.

Babe and Krystal are sitting on the Chandler patio drinking tea. Babe is gushing about Little Adam's latest happenings, including some of the not-so-good words he's picked up from his grandfather. Krystal laughs and says she can't wait until the two of them get to have the little boy all to themselves. Babe tells her that she's not too sure that'll ever happen.

Across town, Joe is kissing Ruth goodbye on his way to the hospital. She tells him about the call she got from Jeff and that he's doing well and is thinking about coming back to Pine Valley. Joe is surprised, but thinks it would be great to have Jeff around again. Just as he opens the front door to leave, Sam rings the doorbell with luggage at his side.


Joe and Ruth welcome Sam into their home, giving him hugs and kisses. They sit down and start talking. Sam explains to them that he and Maria had a discussion back in California and decided that it would be best if Sam came back to Pine Valley to bond with his mother's side of the family. He says that his mother wanted him to stay with Tad, but he wanted to stay with Mr. and Mrs. Martin themselves, his great-grandparents. Ruth and Joe tell him that he is very welcome to stay with them as Joe leaves for work.

Julia asks Zach if he's found Kendall in the company of another man yet. Zach tells her no, but whenever she's around Ryan he senses an undeniable attraction between the two of them. Julia laughs. Zach continues to explain that he knows it's just because of the baby, but he's worried that they might get too close because of the baby.

Ryan tells Kendall that he's taken the whole day off from work at Cambias to take her shopping for baby stuff at Lacey's. Kendall refuses at first, telling him that if she misses another day at Fusion, things will be ruined beyond repair. He tells her to give Danielle some credit and to go with him. Kendall tells him that Zach wouldn't like it, but he says that it's just two old friends having fun together. Kendall finds it hard to resist and goes to get dressed.

Krystal thinks Babe is kidding. Babe tells her that now that she and JR are talking about remarriage, she's fallen back in love with him. Krystal tells her that it's just her heart playing tricks on her and that she must keep her eyes on getting back Little Adam. Babe says that it's much more than that. She says that she feels that JR loves her too and that she has a second chance to prove to him that she can be a good wife and mother. Just as she says this, JR appears from the house.


JR tells Babe that she doesn't have to prove anything to him, he already knows that she loves him. Krystal says that she has to go talk to Winifred about her pillows being too fluffy, leaving Babe and JR alone. JR asks what that was all about and Babe quickly tells him that it was nothing. She tells him that the previous night was the best sleep she's had in a long time because it was the first time she slept in the same bed with him since their first marriage. JR returns the compliments and they kiss.

Krystal watches from the living room and winces in disgust. Adam sneaks up on her and agrees with her wincing. He tells her that he's happy to see she's finally realizes how horrible Babe and JR are for each other. Krystal warns Adam that JR better not be working Babe in any way. Adam tells her that JR is too bewitched by Babe to even think about working her over. Krystal says that if Babe gets hurt by JR again, she'll take matters into her own hands.

At Lacey's, Kendall and Ryan are shopping for baby clothes. Ryan holds up an atrocious outfit, sure that Kendall would like it for their son. Kendall laughs at him, making the mood light and cheery. They pass by the Fusion counter and start talking about the perfume. Ryan sprays some of it and smells it, saying that it reminds him of Greenlee.


At BJs, Julia asks Zach why he thinks Ryan and Kendall are getting too close. Julia's sure that Ryan's smart enough not to fall for Kendall all over again. Zach tells her that he isn't sure what it is, but he feels something between Ryan and Kendall. Julia tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself and to lighten up. Though she doesn't like her, Julia knows that when Kendall sets her sights on a man, she rarely lets someone else come between them. Zach reluctantly accepts Julia's advice and thanks her.

Kendall hugs Ryan. She tells him that she misses Greenlee too, even after the scene she caused at Thanksgiving dinner before she left. Ryan apologizes to Kendall for the way he acted at that time and tells her that he didn't understand then why Kendall did what she did, but he does now. Kendall tells him that he still has a chance with Greenlee and that he should look for her. Ryan says that he could, but he wants to let her have time alone for awhile.

Krystal prepares to go out to do some shopping herself, but is stopped by Mary on the way out. Mary wants to know why she saw Krystal leaving Adam's bedroom at midnight. Krystal decides to play with Mary's mind for a while, telling her that she and Adam had the most amazing love making session ever. Mary is appalled. When she realizes Krystal is only joking, she is upset. She tries to touch Krystal's soul and asks Krystal if there's anything between the two of them. Krystal tells her that she has nothing to worry about regarding her marriage to Adam, it's only for business.

At the Martin home, Ruth is laying down the rules of the house to Sam at the kitchen table. Friends are allowed over, but not past 10 on school nights, and 12 on the weekends, unless they're spending the night. His curfew will be the same times. Ruth says that if Sam gets in the company of a ladyfriend, she's only allowed up to his room during the daytime. Sam finds these rules a bit old-fashioned, but thanks Ruth for letting him stay and promises to behave himself. Ruth thanks him for deciding to move in with her and Joe. She says that they were feeling old without someone younger in the house, and raising another teenager will be good for their health. Ruth pulls him in to a hug and officially welcomes him into the Martin family.


Zach shows up at the walkway between his and Kendall's condos and instead of going into his, he knocks on Kendall's door. After no one answers, he enters with his key. He looks around, calling her name, but gets no response. He goes into her bedroom and sees her robe laying on her bed. Zach picks it up and brings it to his face, thinking of how much he loves Kendall. He leaves.

Kendall is alone in the maternity department, looking for clothes that she could buy for herself. She holds up a dress in front of a full-length mirror and tries to see how she'd fit in it. Ryan shows up behind her and puts his arms around her belly. She turns around and they share a passionate kiss. Kendall blinks her eyes, though, and this is all a dream. Ryan returns from the bathroom and asks if she's ready to go. She says yes.

At the Martin home, Ruth is leaving to run errands. She tells Sam to make himself at home and to help himself to the refrigerator. The second he hears her car leave the driveway, he picks up the telephone and dials a number. When the phone on the other end stops ringing, he asks for Lily.

Krystal is on the road in her car when her phone rings. She picks it up and it is Babe. Babe again tries to convince her mother that she is in love with JR and that the lies need to stop. Krystal tells Babe that she doesn't trust JR, but will be happy for them for Babe's sake. Babe says that this is all she asks and that she knows in her heart that this is the real deal. After hanging up with Babe, Krystal presses some buttons on her phone, bringing up the address book feature. She scrolls until she finds Janet's name and number and presses "Call."

starring (in order of seniority)

Ray MacDonnell as Joe Martin

Mary Fickett as Ruth Martin

David Canary as Adam Chandler

Sydney Penny as Julia Keefer

Cameron Mathison as Ryan Lavery

Alicia Minshew as Kendall Hart

Anna Stuart as Mary Smythe

Alexa Havins as Babe Carey

Jacob Young as JR Chandler

Bobbie Eakes as Krystal Carey

Thorsten Kaye as Zach Slater

Bobby Steggert as Sam Grey

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Great first episode!Krystal phoning Janet hmm.... what is up wirh that. Can't wait to find out.

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