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Welcome to Alternate AMC!

All My Shadows


I've been feeling a little creative lately, so I decided to try my hand at writing an alternate AMC. I'm taking into account my opinions on the show's current state, as well as the opinions of others, and I hope that at least three or four people could enjoy the whole thing.

Everything is taking place in the current time, but with some changes:

~ Josh is in NO WAY Erica's son AT ALL.

~ Jonathan is living at Oak Haven, being treated for his mental illness. Erin has moved back out of town.

~ Janet has returned to town, but NONE of the terrible acts that she have committed happened. She's recently returned to town and has a room at the Valley Inn. She's been on her medications, but hasn't been 100% good.

~ Sam has returned to Pine Valley, after promising to behave himself. He moves in with Joe and Ruth.

~ Simone and Ethan are together, but have left town.

~ Sadly, Dixie is NOT alive.

~ Reggie and Danielle are no longer in high school. Both are around Jamie's age (around 20 or 21). They are slowly coming back together as a couple, but Reggie has also been spending time with an old friend, Joni Stafford.

~ Petey is SORAS'd and is back on the canvas. He now goes by PC, his father's old nickname. He is the same age as Lily and Sam. The three are sophomores in high school.

~ Amanda and Jamie are truly in love.

~ Zach did NOT cause the spermbank blackout.

With those changes in mind, this is the current cast list...


Marian Chandler

Brooke English

Jamie Martin

Greg Madden

Adam Chandler and Stuart Chandler

Derek Frye

Krystal Carey

Janet Dillon

Josh Madden

Di Henry

Babe Carey

Myrtle Fargate

David Hayward

Reggie Porter

Zach Slater

Tad Martin


Peter "PC" Cortlandt

Erica Kane

Danielle Frye

Joe Martin

Ryan Lavery

Ruth Martin

Kendall Hart

Palmer Cortlandt

Del Henry

Julia Santos

Lily Montgomery

Joni Stafford

Amanda Dillon

Sam Grey

Mary Smythe

Aidan Devane

Jack Montgomery

JR Chandler


Little Adam Chandler


Del Henry

Tom Cudahy

Livia Frye Cudahy

Expect summary-type episodes, where the events of each episode is done in a recap/spoiler style. Episodes will start being posted on February 6, and will usually be posted daily. Check back on Monday for the first episode as it will set up most of the major storylines!

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Can't wait to see what you do with this soap. Be sure to check out MY fan fic. I don't think anybody's reading it because there are NEVER comments other than my right had man/helper's..Oakdalelover.

Nonetheless, ceheck it out and good luck with your new fan fic :) I'm sure you'll do just fine :P

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