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Episode Two - Tuesday, February 7, 2006

All My Shadows


Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Palmer Cortlandt Jr, aka PC Cortlandt, is sitting on the steps at the boathouse. He wants to know who it is calling his cell phone. On the other end, Sam asks for Lily again. PC says that Lily can't come to the phone, but he could leave a message. Sam, a little shocked, asks who it is he is speaking to. PC introduces himself and says that he is Lily's new boyfriend. Sam angrily slams down the phone.

At the Valley Inn, Erica shows up for a lunch date with Jackson. Erica asks how Jack's day has been and he unenthusiastically says that it's been fine. Erica notes this and wants the truth. Jack spills that he misses his true love. Erica says that she's right there, but Jack says that he means practicing law. Erica understands. She says that her own work life has been a little messy lately too. Between the problems with Amanda and Josh and the pressure she's getting from the network, she doesn't know what to do.

The doorbell at the Chandler mansion rings. Adam, coming down from the stairs, opens the door and is delighted by the presence of Brooke. Brooke tells him not to be too happy to see her, she's there for business. They go into the living room and continue their talk. Adam pours himself some wine and asks Brooke that if she didn't wake up with a mad desire to be near him, whatever could she be there for? Brooke says that she wants to interview him for Tempo. Adam chokes on his wine.


Brooke slaps Adam on the back, telling him not to panic. She wants to interview him about the warning signs of heart problems. Adam laughs at what he sees as a unbelievable excuse to get next to him. Brooke threatens to leave if he doesn't take her seriously. Adam apologizes and asks what on earth made Brooke think of him for heart disease. Brooke explains that it has to do with his stubborness to listen to her last year and how it turned out to be much more. Adam brushes her off, saying that there's nothing wrong with his heart.

At the Inn, Jack is kicking himself. He says that he wishes he could have found a way to save Bianca, Kendall, and Reggie during the Cambias trial while also saving himself. Maybe he would still be district attorney. Erica disagrees, but listens. He goes on to say that his ruthless efforts to help his family out always come back to bite him in the rear end. Erica says that Jack is the most selfless man she knows and that everything he does, he does it for others. She tells him that his good deeds will be rewarded someway, somehow.

PC is sitting on the railing at the boathouse, playing with Lily's cell phone. She approaches him and asks if anyone's called for her while she was gone. He says yes, that some crazy guy called. Lily is worried. She wonders if Jonathan Lavery has found out her number and is trying to kill her again. PC tells her that Jonathan Lavery is locked up in a mental institution and that he can't hurt anyone now. He comforts her and she smiles again. She hopes that whoever it was that called will call again, just as the phone rings. She answers it, but when Sam greets her, she is speechless.


Janet is fluttering around her penthouse, Erica's old place, gently brushing dust off of the countertops and straightening up the furniture. She fixes her hair in the mirror just as the doorbell rings. She goes to answer it and sees Krystal there. She says that she wasn't expecting her so soon. Krystal barges in. Janet asks if she can get her anything, but Krystal says no. Krystal says that she needs Janet's help with Babe and JR. Upon mention of Babe's name, Janet's face goes sour, but she remembers that she's trying to be friendly now. She asks what she can do. Krystal goes on to say that she doesn't trust JR as far as she could throw him, even though that's pretty far. She doesn't want her baby doll to be tied up with JR again, and wants Janet to help her break them up. Janet laughs. She says that the only person who could get Babe to leave JR is Jamie. Krystal nods and Janet frowns.

Sam asks Lily if she's still there on the phone. Lily says hello, but is frozen. Sam goes on to tell Lily that he's back in town and that he's changed and that he's still sorry for calling her stupid. Lily "mhm"s and nods awkwardly as PC looks on. She tells Sam that she has to go. Sam asks if they could meet together soon because he really wants to see her again and make it up to her. Lily says that she will get back to him and hangs up. At the boathouse, PC is surprised. He wants to know if Lily is playing a game on him and this other guy. Lily explains that she isn't playing a game with him, and that Sam is her old boyfriend.

Brooke tries to convince Adam that his body is getting older and that he's brain is suffering from years of neverending stress. Adam snidely comments that everyone he knows has been going through years of stress. Brooke says that that's beside the point. She tells him that if he does this interview it could help other stubborn old men like him when it happens to them. Adam looks at her and his never-ending admiration for her wins. He agrees to the interview. Brooke goes on to tells him to call her whenever he has to time do the interview, but Adam suggests that they do it over a nice dinner for two. Brooke warns him that if he tries anything funny with her, she'll gladly use everything she knows about Chandler Enterprises against him in Tempo. Adam asks her why she can never take a joke.

Erica and Jack are eating, as Erica talks about her problems at work. She tells him about all of the little mistakes that have gone on, and wonders if Josh isn't the root of all of the problems. Jack says that she should give Josh a little slack. He's new to the industry and Jack knows that when Erica was new to modeling and all of her other business ventures, she was just as lost. Erica says that she was more conniving than lost. She remembers her days of playing mattress tag with Jeff Martin and Jason Maxwell while pining for Phil Brent the whole time. Good times, she says they were, but the good times are spoiled when Greg appears in the dining room.


Erica rises and greets Greg. Greg asks Erica how she's been and how Kendall and the baby are doing. Erica says that everything with everyone is fine. So fine, in fact, that they're having a dinner party soon. Greg asks for what ocassion, and after a little thought, Erica decides it's to celebrate her family's good fortune. Greg says that he imagines he'd not be welcome anywhere around the festivities, but Erica surprises him. She invites him to the dinner party, making Jack do a double take. Erica tells Greg to be there. Greg happily obliges the invitation. Erica slips back down into her seat. Jack asks her what that was all about.

Janet says that Jamie is happy Amanda now and that he'd never jeopardize that for Babe. Krystal says that it's obvious Jamie has no feelings for Amanda. He's just using her as a way to get over losing Babe. Janet tells her that she must be joking. Why would Jamie need to get over Babe? After she lied to him time after time? Krystal reminds Janet that Amanda isn't exactly saint, after all, she did accept JR's money to break Babe and Jamie apart. Janet says that Amanda has put the past behind her. Krystal says that Babe has done the same. Janet agrees, saying that Babe's past is Jamie, and he's definitely behind her now. Krystal is upset. She tells Janet that she thought they would be friends, but obviously she was wrong. She storms out. Janet smiles. She wonders why Krystal ever thought they'd be friends, after the way Babe has treated Amanda in the past.

Lily is explaining her relationship with Sam to PC. She tells him how Sam was the only boy who tried to understand her autism spectrum disorder, but PC corrects her. He's trying to understand her disorder too. Lily continues, saying that Sam started to focus on hating Zach Slater instead of on her and she thought that was wrong. Then she tells PC about Sam calling her stupid and trying to have sex with her. PC gets angered. He tells Lily that he would never try anything like that with her. She thanks him and says that she thinks she wants to hug him. PC asks if she really wants to and she says she's sure of it. They hug.


At the mansion, Brooke has left and Adam is reading some reports in the library. Mary shows up. She asks Adam how he's been the last few days because, oddly, it seems as if he's been avoiding her. Adam says that he probably was. Mary takes this as a joke. She says that she couldn't help but hearing him on the phone earlier in the day, talking to a sculpter. Adam says that yes, he's getting a bust of his head done to be put into the library. Mary subtly compliments Adam's physical features, such as his cheekbones and nose. Adam tells her to get to the point of leave. She says that she wants to do the job and that she'll do it for free. Adam guffaws. Prices don't mean a thing to him and if Mary did the job for free, it still wouldn't be worth what he'd pay her. Mary begs and pleads with Adam to let her try. If he isn't satisfied with her work, he can get another one made. He agrees, saying that he's letting the women in his life get the best of him. She asks what he means, and he tells her about Brooke. Mary is annoyed.

Erica explains to Jack that the dinner party is her latest idea to get to Greg. Jack sighs. Erica goes on to tell him that she's determined to know why he's obsessed with what was going on in Pine Valley 35 years ago. Jack says that he wants Erica to leave Greg alone before she gets hurt, but Erica says that if she doesn't pump Greg for truth, she'll get hurt regardless. She tells Jack that she's going to use Myrtle to get the truth out of him. After the way Myrtle bonded with Zach, she's sure the old lady will work on Greg. Jack shakes his head in dispprovement, but asks when this dinner party will be held.

starring (in order of seniority)

Susan Lucci as Erica Kane

Julia Barr as Brooke English

David Canary as Adam Chandler

Kate Collins as Janet Dillon

Walt Willey as Jack Montgomery

Anna Stuart as Mary Smythe

Bobbie Eakes as Krystal Carey

Leven Rambin as Lily Montgomery

Bobby Steggert as Sam Grey

Ian Buchanan as Greg Madden

Jake Weary as PC Cortlandt


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