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Episode 16



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(EXT: small building, focus on sign on door- Pearl Bradford, PI)

---Pearl Bradford sits at his desk, listening in on the bugs he planted at the SBPD when he paid his last visit. Pearl is startled when someone knocks on his door, since he has no appointments. He's taken even further off guard when he sees the woman he always knew as Lily Light standing before him.

"Ms Light, come in, what can I do for you?"

"Actually it's Blake now. I'm surprised you remember me at all."

"Sure, Lily Light evangelist. Half the people I knew in this town were forking money over to you for some reason or another.......Have a seat- what is it that you need?"

Lily goes over everything that happened on her wedding day, and Pearl remembers the write-up in the paper the following morning. Lily is annoyed a bit by it but continues on about her suspicion that the whole thing was set up and not some spontaneous act of Angela's. Pearl doesn't see where he fits in, so Lily goes further, explaining how Rafe was living in New Mexico and saw a write-up about the wedding. Pearl sees where she's going- she thinks somebody planted the article in New Mexico with the hopes that Rafe would see it and stop the wedding.

"Not just somebody, Mr. Bradford...."

"Please, it's Pearl"

"Oh...ok, Pearl, it's not just anybody, it's Angela Capwell, the slut Ted ended up marrying"

"I see.....so what if it is her though, Lily? What's the point of all this? You seem like a bright kinda gal, I bet you could find all kinds of guys to take you out. Why keep wasting your energy on Ted Capwell?"

"That's not for you to worry about Mr Bra.....Pearl. This isn't about Ted. It's about me. I need to know and I'm willing to pay you to find out.....Will you do it?"

Pearl agrees and Lily tells him the matter is very urgent and she'd like to know as soon as possible. Lily asks him if he'd be willing to drive to New Mexico tonight and though he's apprehensive at first, he gives in to the vulnerable Lily, admitting he has a weakness for the "blondies."


---Julia stops by the nurses' station she knows all too well and asks if Dr. Beckman is in. The nurse informs her that Dr. Beckman isn't seeing any new patients. Julia says she's not a patient, but rather a friend of the doctor. The nurse sternly tells her that Dr. Beckman isn't seeing anyone at all, but she'd gladly leave a message. Julia tells her it isn't necessary and asks for directions to the ladies room. Julia waits until the nurse receives a phone call and sneaks by her, heading back to see Mary. Julia bursts into Mary's office without knocking and nearly gives her a coronary.

"Julia, what are you..."

"We need to talk."

(EXT: car driving through the Spanish section of town)

---Eden looks down at her directions to get the exact address of Angel's home. She makes a turn and finds the house, remembering it from Thanksgiving. Eden nervously approaches the house, forcing herself to knock at the door. She is greeted by Carla Ramirez, Angel's wife, a dark-haired, almond eyed attractive latina in her late 40s.

"Mrs. Ramirez?"


"I'm Eden Castillo"

"I know who you are."

"Oh. May I come in?"

Carla nods and invites Eden into her home. Eden looks around at the surroundings and comments on how cozy it is. Carla fires back that not everyone can live in a mansion like she does- some people have to work and scrape by for a living. Eden is understanding and tells Carla she meant it as a compliment. Carla apologizes, explaining that when you work your whole life for something, you take pride in it. Carla tells Eden how hard it's been for her without Angel to help her raise Marta. Eden is sympathetic when Carla tells her how she had to go on welfare when Angel went to prison, even living in a shelter at one point, since she couldn't afford to pay her bills. Carla tells Eden that though she may think of Angel as a "bad guy", he was her husband and a provider for her family, the same way Cruz is to Eden.

"Just imagine what your life would be like, Mrs. Castillo, if your husband was just ripped away from you. Like that. Gone. Angel may have done some bad things, but he did them for us- his wife and his daughter."

Eden understands, but tells Carla of her concerns about Angel's release. Carla tells her that she has no reason to worry, as Angel is being monitored by the Police Department. If he gets anywhere near her, the SBPD will know about it and he'll be remanded before he pulls into her driveway. Carla turns the tables on Eden, asking her to imagine how she must feel- her husband is finally free but he's put directly into a dangerous situation by the man who put him in prison. Eden sees where Carla is coming from, which makes Carla admit that she understands why Eden would be nervous. Carla and Eden agree that they will keep an on eye on each other's husbands.

(EXT: Santa Barbara Chronicle offices)

---Augusta stares proudly at Warren, as he types away, working on his lead story. He notices her and asks what she's doing there. Augusta claims she just wanted to see her son at work, but Warren realizes there's more to it. Warren asks if she's checking up on him, but she defends herself, saying she's been away so long and he shouldn't be so suspicious. Augusta pokes her nose around, asking if there's any breaking news on the situation at Capwell. Warren tells her of the latest stock transfer and the implications of it.

"CC must be seething mad. You know your father actually went down there to pay him a visit today...."

"My father...."

"Yes, Lionel."

Warren reminds her that Lionel isn't his father, according to her. Augusta immediately clams up, regretting that she ever said anything to Warren in the first place. Warren angrily tells her that she can't undo it, no matter how much either of them may wish she could. Augusta replies that it shouldn't matter anyway, Lionel raised Warren thinking he was his own son and will always be his true father. Warren agrees, but is adamant that he has a right to know who his biological father is. Augusta asks him to please drop it, saying that he's better off not knowing at all.

"That's for me to decide, mother. I don't understand how you can't see that."

"It's not for you to understand Warren. I'm sorry, it's for your own good, and you're just going to have to trust me on that. Besides, that's not what I'm here to discuss with you...obviously"

Warren asks her to get to her point, since he's very busy. Augusta warns him off Pamela, telling him she's a dangerous and unbalanced woman that he shouldn't involve himself with in any way. Warren finds this curious, since he barely knows Pamela. Augusta tells him she knows her very well and saw the way she was acting with Warren on Thanksgiving. Warren retorts she didn't seem to think she was so dangerous when she invited her for the holiday. Augusta gives him that, but counters that she always sympathized with Pamela, since Sophia came in and wrecked her marriage. Augusta asks her son to not get mixed up with her and he obliges, though when she leaves, he's admittedly curious as to why this has Augusta so worried.

(EXT: San Remos Hospital)

---Julia confronts Mary about Mason's visit on Thanksgiving. Mary claims she was caught completely off guard by it and did her best to hide her identity. Julia explains that she left quite an impression on Mason. Mary asks her if she told him anything, and Julia tells her that she kept mum, against her better judgement. Julia is insistent, however, that Mason is going to figure it out on his own, that the vision combined with being in her presence has triggered something in his mind that won't go away. Mary concurs that she felt that Mason recognized her in some way when he was there.

"But that's not what I'm here to talk to you about, Mary. Some things were brought to my attention which make me question the plausiblity of what you've told me."

"What are you talking about?"

Julia tells Mary of the Hal Clark investigation, when Mark McCormick's bones were discovered. Julia points out that according to Mary's timeline, she would have been in a coma when Mark died, making the divorce a moot point. Mary insists that Mark was alive and with her when she woke up from her coma, though she has no explanation for the bones. Julia explains that it's not just the bones, but she investigated the whole thing herself. Mary is stunned when Julia mentions going undercover at the convent where she was once a nun to investigate his death and clear Mason. Julia tells her of how she met Sister Agatha and Sister Sarah and that Sister Agatha admitted that Mark had been there and she killed him when he tried to rape Sister Sarah. Julia questions why the nuns would lie to her to protect Mark. Mary suggests that perhaps Mark threatened them in some way. Either way, she tells Julia, none of it matters since Mark is still alive today. She shows Julia the last letter she received from him, dated in 2005. Julia is floored when she sees it, however disbelieving. Julia then asks Mary what happened to the baby. Mary stops dead in her tracks and her eyes begin to well up.

"What?.....What is it Mary? What happened to the child?"

"She.....she.......didn't make it. She was born prematurely, while I was in a coma.....and died. Poor little thing. My daughter. My baby. She never had a chance. I never even got to see her, to hold her, comfort her..."

Julia asks Mary how she found out about her daughter's death. Mary informs her that Mark and the nurse filled her in when she woke up, though she didn't have any memory of the pregnancy at first. Mary tells her that once her memory did come back, her heart was completely broken and she never has had any children since. Julia hugs her, apologizing for bringing up a subject so painful in the demanding way she did. Mary understands why Julia feels the way she does and has questioned Mary's truthfulness.

"It's not right what we're doing, Mary. Mason has a right to know that you're alive and the fate of that little girl. It could have been his baby, after all. I think you should come clean- he deserves to know the truth...."

"I'm sorry Julia, but I can't do that. It's too painful, as I've told you. In fact, seeing him has brought all of these emotions about him and my daughter right back to the surface for me, and it's caused me to make a decision. I'm leaving, Julia, I'm leaving the clinic and moving away from here. The memories are just far too painful and seeing Mason...... I just can't risk that happening again. I appreciate you and what you're trying to do, I really do. You love him, Julia. I'm happy for you and I take great comfort in knowing you're with him, watching over him. This is what's best, I know it and I think you know it as well. You won't be seeing me anymore and don't have to worry about Mason ever seeing me either. Good bye Julia. And.....thank you. Thank you for taking care of Mason."

"Mary....I....I" is all an emotional Julia can get out before Mary interrupts.

"Go Julia. Go home to your husband and your daughter. Appreciate them and love them every day, as I'm sure you do. You're a very lucky woman; you have a wonderful life. Go back to that and don't worry about me.....I'm fine.....I have been for a long time and I will continue to be."

Julia nods at her and leaves. Mary breaks down and sits down at her desk, pulling out an old picture of she & Mason together, in happier times.

"Good bye my love."

THE END.....................for today


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