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Episode 15




(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---CC tells Mason and Ted about Joann's suggestion regarding a merger. Ted sees where it's plausible, since it helped them out of the jam before. Mason warns them that if they go into a merger, given the situation they're in, they'd be completely at the other company's mercy as far as a negotiation is concerned. CC agrees, and says that he hates that something has to be done so rapidly.

"If this merger were to work, it has to be with someone I can trust. I've put in calls to a couple of contacts, but so far I've heard nothing from them. Time isn't on our side at the moment. Any suggestions?" CC asks.

Mason & Ted agree to rack their brains and meet again with him later.

---Gina is stunned to see Lionel wandering through the halls of Capwell. She catches up with him and pulls him into her office. Lionel claims he's there to offer moral support to CC.

"Yeah right Lionel. You've hated the man for years.....and you of all people are here to console CC Capwell through this trying time? I don't buy it."

"Frankly Gina, I don't care what you believe. Years have gone by, many years."

Gina offers that rather than worrying about CC, he instead should be helping her out. She explains that something is going on right now with CC and she wants to know what it is. Lionel asks her if she's behind the takeover attempt and Gina defends herself, telling him she doesn't have the money or the resources to be doing anything. Lionel prods further, wondering why she's so curious about the goings on. Gina insists that she's doing it for Channing IV, since someday this company will partially be his.

"Please Lionel. CC doesn't care about me- he looks at my son and I as a nuisance, an after-thought. I just want to make sure that CC isn't doing anything that would harm the company's future, as well as little Channing's. Lionel, I need you...please!"

"Okay, alright Gina, I'll do it, calm down. I doubt I'll be able to find out much, but I'll see what I can do."

(EXT: Santa Barbara Hospital)

---Dr Ben Normandy (Joseph Gallison) apprises Sophia of her condition. Sophia questions the treatment method, which is only a preventative measure to keep the aneurism under control. Ben explains that as far developed as it is, there's nothing they can do as far as removal. Sophia wonders about alternative treatments and Ben informs her they can be very risky, and none have been approved thusfar in the US. Sophia asks for the names of some neurologists and specialists, hoping for a second opinion. Ben obliges, though he warns her not to get false hopes, since his diagnosis is accurate. He asks if she's talked to her family about any of this and Sophia informs him she has not & does not plan to. Ben thinks it would be better if she had the support of her family, but Sophia reminds him that he is to respect her privacy. Ben is uneasy but agrees. Sophia walks out from her appointment and is stopped DEAD in her tracks when she runs into Pamela.

"Pamela, what are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing, couldn't I Sophia?"

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Ted pops into Angela's office and passionately kisses his wife. Angela stops him, telling him she has to meet with Joann shortly. Ted is disappointed and asks for her take on Joann's merger suggestion. Angela has reservations about any hidden agendas another company may have and thinks it's best to keep the idea quiet for the moment, so as to not attract unwanted and possibly dangerous buyers who may have their own agenda where Capwell is concerned. Ted agrees that it's a very tricky situation and they should be very careful. Mason stops by Angela's office to drop off some reports on the stock situation. Angela inquires about Samantha's condition, and Mason replies that she's still pretty immobile and in pain, but is coming along. Ted remarks that Rafe Castillo should be punished for causing the accident in the first place and Mason concurs, though he tells them Samantha disagrees and has him instead as her own personal nurse until she recovers.

"He should be behind bars, if you ask me. I know he's Cruz's brother and all, but what he did was completely irresponsible and there should be consequences. What the hell was he doing here anyway? How did he even know about the wedding?" Ted wonders.

Lily, who's shown eavesdropping, says to herself "That's an interesting point you make Ted. I've been wondering the same thing myself."

---CC is annoyed when Lionel Lockridge stops by his office. CC orders him out, but Lionel claims he's just there to offer support. Lionel tells CC of his success in London and that he can understand how CC must feel, with someone trying to just take his company from him after his years of work. CC accuses Lionel of being behind the takeover, but Lionel informs him that couldn't be further from the truth. Lionel insists he only wants to help in any way he can.

"I don't want your help. I couldn't care less about Lockwright Hotels or you for that matter. After everything that's happened over the years, why the hell would I trust you enough to merge....."


"Nevermind. Just get the hell out of here Lionel!!"

Lionel ignores him. "A merger- that's brilliant, and you've done it once before, no? It would certainly work for the situation you're in.......You know, CC, Lockwright Hotels wouldn't be a bad company to merge with..."

"Do you think I'm an idiot? I would never, NEVER involve any of the Lockridges in Capwell Enterprises, let alone merge with your company. Now get out of here, before I have you thrown out!!!"

"It's not such an off the wall idea, CC. I'd think about it if I were you.......I'd hate to see you lose your company completely"


CC chases his long-time rival out the door, slamming it behind him, with an exasperated look on his face.

---Meanwhile, in her office, Gina explains to Keith what's been going on with CC. Keith is annoyed that Gina was unable to find out anything about Joann's meeting with CC. Gina tells him that Lionel is in with CC right now, pumping him for information. Keith laughs, saying that no way will CC give out any information to Lionel Lockridge. Gina is thrilled when she sees Lily in her doorway. Gina asks her if something is wrong with the Gina Jeans division, but Lily tells her not to be alarmed and everything is fine. Lily asks her about her old Private Investigator friend. Gina realizes she's speaking of Pearl and reminds Lily that they have never been close. Gina tells her daughter where she can find Pearl's office and inquires about what Lily could need a P.I. for. Lily is very secretive, telling Gina there's something that doesn't make sense to her and she needs to get to the bottom of it. Gina begins to press her, but Lionel enters, immediately calling attention to himself as he says his meeting with CC was very interesting. Lily slips out and Gina asks Lionel to elaborate.

"Apparently, CC is looking for to merge Capwell with another company."

"A merger? He can't be serious....."

"Seems that way. I offered Lockwright as a candidate....."

"I'm sure that went over well" Keith remarks

"It didn't, though I wouldn't say it's out of the question. He's desperate to save his company, that's for sure. He'll do anything."

Gina thanks Lionel for the information he's gathered and he leaves. Keith immediately questions Joann's input, wondering why she'd suggest something that could actually prevent the takeover from happening. Gina is angry as well, since she hasn't trusted Joann from the beginning. Gina suggests Keith call the buyer and figure out where they go now, or if this could possibly be part of the plan in the first place. Keith attempts to call but cannot get through. Keith leaves an urgent message, telling the person that they may "have a problem..."

(EXT: Santa Barbara Hospital)

---Pamela asks Sophia if her visit to the doctor has anything to do with the dizzy spell she had recently. Sophia claims that it's unrelated and that she was only stressed over Samantha that day, not to mention the shock of seeing Pamela. Pamela is disbelieving, commenting that it's an amazing coincidence that she should run into her at the hospital so shortly after her spell.

"Pamela, it's a routine checkup. Stop trying to make something out of it that isn't there."

"I was just concerned Sophia, that's all."

"Save your concern for someone who needs it because I sure don't. And what is it that you're doing here anyway?"

"Oh I'm just here to see an old friend"

"I wasn't aware you had any."

Pamela reminds her that she was a pillar of society, long before Sophia came into the picture and destroyed her marriage. Sophia doesn't see it that way, remembering how unbalanced Pamela always was. Sophia throws it in her face that if she was able to hold CC's attention, perhaps he wouldn't have wandered to her. Pamela stuns Sophia when she says she could say the very same about her, since CC also cheated on her and didn't really want to marry Sophia in the first place. Sophia laughs at the suggestion, asking where Pamela came up with such a preposterous story. Pamela shrewdly tells her that people talk and her information is correct.

"Well it's wrong. And frankly, even if it was correct, it's been over 40 years since all of that happened. Why should any of it even matter now?"

"True, it has been. It's also been years since you faked your death but I bet if I asked Eden if it was still affecting her....... well, let's just say just because something is in the past Sophia, doesn't mean it wouldn't be relevant in the present."

"Seriously Pamela, I don't have time for this. Get a life......and stop living in the past, would you? I'd hate for you to end up in an institution all over again. Now....if you'll excuse me."

Pamela gladly lets her rival leave and spots Dr. Normandy setting down Sophia's chart. Pamela rushes to grab it and heads to the records room to make copies. She returns the original chart undetected and makes a phone call.

"Yes......Dr. Lavery please.......Edmund, yes, hello, it's Pamela.........I need you to come to Santa Barbara as soon as possible......I have a patient for you that I think you'd be quite interested in......."

THE END.....................for today

Episode 16 will be posted late tonight!


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