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RTSB Discussed on BlogTalkRadio!!!!!!!



Sort of cross-plugging here, but there's a radio show, hosted by SON's very own Ryan Chandler & Na'Vell, called "In The Zone" and yesterday, 'RTSB' (the BLOG doh dohs! :P ) was brought up by RC. Actually, he brought Santa Barbara up first, but used that as a segway to praise 'RTSB'. By happenstance (honest to Goodness), I had called in since I heard them talking about 'SB'. What resulted was a fun reminiscence about 'SB' as well as a discussion on 'RTSB' between the three of us and Bree, another SONer & guest caller. If you're interested to hear the goings on, you can check out the archive of the show at :


Check it out- it's a fun show!!! Oh, and so everyone doesn't hate me, and to perhaps even endear me, the SB/RTSB segment occurs approximately 18 minutes into the show :D

Oh.....and....by the way....... the next episode will be up shortly! Sorry I'm late today- BUSY DAY!!!!!

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Listened to Blog talk radio....and loved it. It was great to hear them talk about "Santa Barbara" and your blog RTSB. The Blog is great and I can't wait for the next episode....

Thank You for bringing back Santa Barbara and with most of the original cast.

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