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Episode #3



Shawn is still standing in the doorway taken aback. Cassie goes over to Shawn and tries to smooth over the situation. Cassie tells Shawn that he miss heard they’re conversation. Shawn tries to play it off and tells Cassie that he didn’t hear a thing and that he walked in and Maddie was giving him a weird look. Maddie tells Shawn to stop lying and just admit what he heard. Shawn tells her that he has no idea what she is talking about, but that if he had heard whatever they were talking about he probably wouldn’t know what to say. Maddie gives him a weak smile and then she turns and walks onto the floor. Shawn tells Cassie that he has to go and punch in. Cassie follows him to out of the Bakery back room and tells him she needs to talk to him. Still walking, Shawn asks her what she needs. Cassie asks him what he really heard. Shawn tells her that she can’t tell Maddie, but that he heard her admit she liked him. Cassie asks him why he lied then. He tells her he lied because he didn’t want her to feel more awkward. Cassie says she understands, but then she asks him if he likes her back. Shawn tells her that he just met her yesterday and that he doesn’t even know her. Cassie tells Shawn that it doesn’t matter how long you know someone, but rather how you feel about them when you first see them. Shawn asks her if she really feels that way. Cassie tells him she does. Shawn is surprised and then is about to tell her that he likes her but they’re interrupted when his name is heard over the intercom, he is being paged to the back room. He tells Cassie that he is sorry but that he has to go. He walks away and Cassie feels like something wasn’t said.

Robbie Mitchells is sitting in his office when he hears a knock at the door. He tells whoever is there to come in. Jenny Anderson walks in. Robbie gets up and welcomes her in. He introduces himself and then apologizes and asks who she is. Jenny tells him that she is the mother of Seth and Shawn Anderson. Robbie tells her that she has two good kids. Jenny thanks him, but tells him that she has some concerns about them working here after the yesterday. Robbie tries to assure her that stuff like that rarely happens in the store. Jenny tells him that that may be true, but that she still has a level of uncertainty. Robbie tells her that they will be fine. He then tells her that since the incident, security has been upgraded and that more cameras will be installed in the store to monitor more suspicious customers. Jenny shakes her head and tells him she is happy to hear that and hopes that she can hear more about the new measures being taken. Robbie lifts his head up and looks at her, he discretely looks down at her left hand to look for a wedding ring, and when he doesn’t see one, he asks her if she would like to discuss this more over dinner. Jenny is slightly surprised and then tells him that she would like that. Robbie tells her, he will pick her up at 8. Jenny gives him a smile and then leaves. Robbie is smiling and then Ashley Jacobs, the Manager of The Departments, walks in and asks him why he is all smiles. He tells her that he has a date. She laughs and congratulates him.

Seth is sitting in the Dairy office doing some work, when Jason walks up and sees him. He asks him what’s going on. Seth asks Jason if he really wants to hear what is going on. Jason tells him that in this store its important to have friends or it gets really boring. Jason tells Seth to feel free to tell him anything. Seth starts to tell him about Amanda and how she moved out to Valley Falls to be with him. Jason asks him what is wrong with that. Seth tells him that he isn’t sure how he feels about her. Jason sighs and tells him he understands. Seth tells him that there is more. He tells Jason that Amanda seems to care about him more than he cares about her. Seth tells Jason that he loves Amanda but that he is too young to get that involved with someone. Jason tells him that he needs to go out and experience life before he settles down. Seth tells Jason that he knows all of that, but that it doesn’t change how Amanda feels about him. Seth tells him that when he found out he was moving away he was devastated and thought that life would suck without Amanda, but now he realizes that there is more to life. Seth tells Jason that if they were apart for a little while, it would have been better for the relationship in the long run. Jason asks him if he wants to break up with her. Seth tells him that he’s not sure what he wants anymore. Its revealed that Amanda is walking up around the corner smiling, but she stops when she hears Jason and Seth talking. Her smile begins to fade away when she hears what Seth is saying. She drops what she is carrying which makes Seth and Jason jump they look around the corner and see Amanda standing there with a disturbed look on her face. She turns around and runs away. Seth says damn it and runs after her.

Shawn is loading the soda shelves and Matt comes over to him. Matt asks him if he wants to take a break. Shawn responds with a sure. They both start to walk to the break room. As they’re walking Shawn tells Matt he has to tell him something. Matt asks what it is. Shawn asks if Matt will swear to keep this quiet. Matt says he will. Shawn tells Matt that he heard Maddie admit to liking him. Matt is surprised and asks him when this happened. Shawn tells him that it happened this morning when he came in. He tells Matt that he had walked over to the Bakery to see how Cassie was doing after yesterday. Matt asks him when he heard that Maddie likes him. Shawn tells him he was getting there. He tells Matt that when he walked into the back of the Bakery he heard Cassie and Maddie talking and then he tells Matt that Maddie screamed out that she liked him. Matt laughs at this story and then tells him that he now has an admirer. Shawn tells him its not funny. Matt secretly questions whether he should tell Shawn that he likes Cassie. Shawn notices the look on Matt’s face and asks what’s wrong. Matt tells him nothing. Shawn then tells Matt that Maddie liking him is weird. Matt asks why. Shawn says its weird because he kind of has a little crush on Cassie. Matt is thrown for a loop.


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