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DAYS #143: Brady attempts to get the truth out of Anita, Victor tells Tyler how to handle Nick





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


Brady walks into the living room at Anita's cabin. Stepping over to the computer, he moves the mouse slightly, triggering the computer to wake up from its dormant state. He calls out to Anita, who is in the next room.


BRADY: Anita! I'm just gonna pull down the ad for the truck, alright?!


Anita calls back from the other room, the sound somewhat muffled.


ANITA: What was that?!


Sitting down with a soda in hand, he looks at the screen, and has to hold himself back from spitting out a mouthful when he reads the news on the screen:


BREAKING: Nick Fallon declares self CEO of Titan Industries


Brady sets his drink down before he spills it, his hands shaking.


Anita steps into the room, about to repeat herself when she sees a distressed Brady looking at the computer screen.


ANITA: Wh...Brady?


Brady quickly turns around to face Anita, getting up from the desk chair. He points at the computer monitor, stunned and angry.


BRADY: What is this? Why do you have this page open? Wh...did you see this??


Anita looks on, puzzled by Brady's strong reaction.




khWXGnW.png CrNEeHU.png 
Sami stands in Will, Gabi, and Sonny's apartment, trying to hold in her panic, as Will stands before her, stunned by the news she's just given him.


WILL: I'm sorry. Nick just took over Titan?
SAMI: Yep! You've got a new boss. Congratulations.


Will sighs, frustrated by the turn of events.


WILL: Wh...well how did he manage that?
SAMI: The only way that little worm knows how to accomplish anything in life. Blackmail.




SLDcIpu.png pqf6Pp5.png
Billie sits in the hospital cafeteria, taking a sip of coffee while she reads a book. After taking a sip, she realizes the foul taste of the coffee, spitting it quickly back into her cup and pushing it away, as Daniel walks in.


DANIEL: Hey, I got your text.


Billie gets up upon hearing Daniel's voice, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. They talk while gazing into each other's eyes, their voices growing softer and more sultry with every sentence.


BILLIE: Mmm, good. I just was waiting here while you finished up your shift. You all done? I could use a little...soft music and a nice dinner after the day I've had.
DANIEL: Oh yeah?
DANIEL: Well, I think I could be persuaded. On one condition though.


Billie looks at Daniel, mockingly giving him attitude, but unable to hold in a laugh as she does.


BILLIE: (laugh) Okay.
DANIEL: I get to take you back to my place first and work up an appetite.


Billie can barely finish her sentence as she begins to kiss Daniel more and more sensually.


BILLIE: Mmm, okay, that's a condition I think I could live with. But I got a condition for you if you want some personal time with me.


Daniel laughs slightly as he gives Billie another quick kiss. He continues, resting his forehead against Billie's as his arms wrap around her waist.


DANIEL: Heh, okay. I'll bite. What's my condition.
BILLIE: Make me a better pot of coffee, and I'll be putty in your hands.


Daniel laughs heartily, as Billie cracks up a bit herself. 




Billie smiles as she wraps her arms around Daniel's neck, pulling him into another kiss, as Maggie bursts into the cafeteria, catching Daniel and Billie off guard.


MAGGIE: Daniel! I'm so glad I found you!


Daniel and Billie pull away from each other, as they turn to Maggie, concerned.


DANIEL: Mom, what is it?


Maggie beams with the news she shares with them.


MAGGIE: It's Victor. He's awake! He's finally awake!


Daniel turns quickly to look at an equally surprised Billie.




cIkI8Ip.png 413Fbzy.png
Victor looks on from his hospital bed, too weak to really react to Tyler.


VICTOR: Nick...Nick Fallon?


Tyler stands next to Victor's bed, arms folded, as he softly nods.


TYLER: Yeah. He called everyone to a board meeting and handed out little envelopes, detailing all the dirty little secrets he knows that the board doesn't want publicized and voila! Everyone cowtows to him.

VICTOR: H...how the Hell did you let this happen?
TYLER: It's a long story, Victor. All I need to know for now is...do you want me to take care of him, or shall I sit on this until you've been released?


Victor sighs, looking stoically at Tyler as he mulls over his options regarding Nick.







XpzwY1b.png 8JqCj1T.png PP3hz7S.png
Adrienne and Alex stand in the living room in the Kiriakis house. Adrienne is shocked, as Noelle has just walked in, making a crack about inviting Anjelica to dinner.


ALEX: Noelle. Tell me you didn't...
NOELLE: Didn't what? Invite your mother to dinner? Of course I did.


Adrienne rolls her eyes dramatically, displeased with this turn of events.


NOELLE: What?! I heard she was in town for her campaign, she called me earlier while you were out because, big surprise, she couldn't get ahold of Alex. I mean, she certainly wasn't gonna call you or Justin, was she, Adrienne?


Adrienne stands with her arms folded. She sighs audibly before responding to Noelle, sulking.


ADRIENNE: I guess not.
NOELLE: So...there you go. What am I gonna do? Tell her 'no'? She'd kill me!


Adrienne guffaws dismissively at Noelle, as she turns to walk away.


ADRIENNE: You have no idea how right you are about that--


Alex steps in, trying to stop things from escalating, as Adrienne tries to stand her ground.


ALEX: ...Okay, Adrienne. Can we just hold our fire a little bit, here?
ADRIENNE: All I'm saying is, you'd opened up Pandora's Box by even just letting her in the room. And now we're all going to have to suffer the consequences for that. 


Noelle rolls her eyes at Adrienne.


NOELLE: Oh come on, Adrienne, you're being melodramatic--


Adrienne cuts Noelle off, waving her hand in front of her as part of her refutation.


ADRIENNE: No, no. Believe me, it's not just going to be a single awkward dinner. We will be stuck with that woman now for as long as SHE decides we are useful to her. And I really don't know if I'm prepared to give up my time and energy to such a worthy cause.


Adrienne grabs her shopping bags, and heads for the staircase to her room.


ADRIENNE: If you'll excuse me.


Alex turns to Noelle, who stands, arms folded, nonplussed by Adrienne's concerns. Alex sighs, sensing the brewing conflict between the two women who raised him.




Will puts down his cell phone, as Sami stands in the apartment, holding a now-awake Ari in her arms.


SAMI: So? What did Alex have to say about it?


Will sighs, looking away from Sami, trying to process the news.


WILL: Yeah. Nick pulled it off. Even Kate apparently voted in favour of it.
WILL: Yeah. I mean, I guess she had her reasons but...
SAMI: Well, she's coming to meet us in a few minutes, anyway, so...I guess we'll get our answer then.


As Sami finishes her sentence, Gabi comes through the door, grocery bags in her hands. She looks over, pleased to see Sami.


GABI: Oh good, you're here.


Sami smiles half-heartedly, as she bounces young Arianna in her arms.


SAMI: Hey! Did you, uh...hear the news?
GABI: What news?
WILL: Nick's just become CEO of Titan.


Gabi sets the bag down on the kitchen table, before looking at both Will and Sami, stunned.


GABI: You're kidding.

SAMI: Nope! So we need to take the next few steps incredibly carefully, or else we are all just a step away from going to prison for a long time.


Gabi looks at Sami, sighing in despair as she realizes the corner she's being put in.




Victor lays in his hospital bed, as Tyler stands next to him, awaiting his answer. Victor responds slowly and breathlessly.


VICTOR: Wait him out. Let Nick bury...bury himself. And make sure...nobody knows that I...I've come to. I ca...I can't handle any visitors.


Victor exhales gently and falls into a sleep. Tyler looks on as Victor closes his eyes, sighing. As he does, Maggie and Daniel step into the room, only to find Victor back asleep. Tyler turns, holding a hand up to reassure Maggie, whose face has immediately fallen upon seeing Victor's eyes shut.


TYLER: Don't worry. He just fell asleep. I think he's still very weak.
MAGGIE: I know. Thank you, Tyler.


Maggie takes Tyler's hand, squeezing it gently as Tyler cups Maggie's hands in his. Daniel grabs a stool and scoots over to Victor's bedside. He turns back to Tyler and Maggie, shooing them away.


DANIEL: I'm gonna need to check on Victor, so, I'm gonna have to ask you to step out.
TYLER: That's fine. I have to head back to the office anyway. Um...Maggie, Daniel. Victor asked us to keep quiet on his coming to for awhile. Doesn't want a slew of visitors or anything while he's this week.

DANIEL: I'll co-sign that. The last thing Victor needs is a procession of family members crowding in here before he's ready for them.


Maggie nods in agreement, still a bit emotional from the turn of events.


MAGGIE: I understand. I'll umm...Daniel. Thank you. I'm gonna go home. Tyler, thanks again.
TYLER: You alright to drive, Maggie?
MAGGIE: I'll be fine. Thank you, though!


Maggie and Tyler step out of the room, closing the door behind them. Daniel stares at Victor, smiling warmly at him.


DANIEL: Good work, old man. You made it back.


Victor sleeps, oblivious to Daniel's words, as Daniel begins to work on updating his chart.




W9BIuJj.png lSjicCp.png
Kate stands in Roman's office at the Salem PD. She's baffled by Roman's sudden confusion about his whereabouts.


KATE: Roman...wh...Anderson Manufacturing hasn't been around in...over 30 years. And you were never involved with them, it--I mean, at least not that I'm aware of I...


Roman stands facing away from Kate, looking down at the ground, lost in his thoughts, as Kate steps slowly over to him.


KATE: Roman, I'm worried about you. 
ROMAN: Kate, don't be.


Kate looks on at Roman, frustrated resignation, as her arms fall to her side.


KATE: Look, I don't know what's going on with you, but...if you need to step aside from this case, I'd be happy to let Billie handle it unilaterally from here on in.
ROMAN: Nah, I...it's okay.


Roman turns back toward Kate, shaking his head, still an uncertainty in his tone and demeanour.


ROMAN: I um...I just need some time to refresh myself with the case. So...you just e-mail me what you need to fill me in on and...I'll take it from there.


Kate stares at Roman, as he sits down at his desk and grabs the framed photo of his family, a grave concern for him plainly visible in her eyes. She wordlessly puts her purse up over her shoulder and walks out, leaving Roman behind, trying to fight back his pent-up emotions. 


As Kate closes the door behind her, Roman stares at the photo in his hands. Marlena, Sami, Eric and himself, from the time Sami & Eric were babies. The longer he stares, the more frustrated he gets, finally throwing the picture across the room. The picture frame shatters as Roman breaks down in tears.




Anita approaches Brady, baffled by his outburst.


ANITA: See what?


Brady steps aside, ushering Anita closer to the computer.


BRADY: This!


Anita studies the headline, before sighing. Brady looks at her, arms folded. He motions at the computer as he continues.


BRADY: I think you better explain yourself right now.
ANITA: Brady, I didn't want to get into this until you were ready to talk about what happened to you.


Brady snaps at Anita, not waiting for her to finish.


BRADY: I am not ever going to be ready if you keep being secretive with me.


Anita raises her voice momentarily to match Brady's, before stopping herself mid-sentence to finish her thought.


ANITA: I'm no--I'm not being secretive. But...maybe I haven't been completely forthcoming.


Brady laughs sarcastically at Anita's statement, putting his hands up in the air in frustration.


BRADY: Yeah, you could say that.
ANITA: You haven't been either.
BRADY: And how do you know that, Anita?


Anita looks away momentarily, before looking up at Brady solemnly.


ANITA: Because I do know who you are, Brady. And I know exactly how you got here.


Brady tenses his lips, trying very hard to keep from saying something he'll regret in anger.




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