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DAYS #142: Adrienne warns Alex that Anjelica is in town, Sami warns Will that Nick's running Titan





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


Roman walks into his office at the Salem PD, and looks the room over, suddenly feeling foreign to him.


After a moment of inspecting everything, his desk, the window to outside, the picture of his family from years ago, he sets the framed picture down on the desk face down, and looks the room over once again. 


His eye turns to the door as Kate walks in, briskly.


KATE: I'm sorry I'm late, but I had to be in the square for Nick's press conference.


Kate puts her clutch down on the table, oblivious to Roman's confused state, she throws her hands in the air in frustration.


KATE: There's just...so much going on the last few days, I need to get you up to speed. For instance, when are we going to get Jordan and Sheryl's arrest warrants out, and how much evidence do you need to pro--


Kate stops upon turning toward Roman, who looks on at her, confused.


KATE: Roman. Are you alright?


Roman looks back at Kate with a blank expression.




Adrienne walks briskly into the Kiriakis living room, dropping her shopping bags on the sofa, before calling out as loudly as possible in the hopes that someone is home.




Alex walks in casually from the hallway heading into the kitchen, a curious expression on his face as he pops a blueberry in his mouth.


ALEX: Adrienne? What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost.
ADRIENNE: Yeah, you could say that. I quite literally just ran into your mother in Town Square.


Alex swallows hard, an uncomfortable look on his face.




fHMJcKv.png cIkI8Ip.png
Maggie sits beside Victor's hospital bed. Victor having just emerged from his coma. Victor manages a weak smile as he gently squeezes her hand.


MAGGIE: Victor! You're awake!


Victor barely peeps out a sound, as he remains incredibly weak.


VICTOR: Maggie. Wh...where am I?
MAGGIE: At University Hospital, darling. You've been in a coma for a number of weeks now.


Victor looks around, sighing as he realizes what's happened. Maggie, eager to see Victor's progress continue, gets up, heading excitedly for the door.


MAGGIE: I'm going to go get Daniel to come check up on you. 
VICTOR: Mag...


Victor reaches out for a moment before his weak body gives in. Struggling to keep his eyes open, Victor sighs in frustration as Maggie heads out of the room.

Outside Victor's hospital room, Tyler emerges from the elevator. Maggie walks over to him.


TYLER: Maggie!
MAGGIE: Oh, Tyler! I'm so glad you're here. 
TYLER: What is it?


Maggie puts a hand on Tyler's shoulder, and smiles warmly.


MAGGIE: It's Victor. He's awake.


Tyler looks back at Maggie with a mix of happiness, and of dread.







Will races to the door of his apartment to stop the frantic knocking at the front door.


Opening it, he finds Sami, who bursts into the apartment in an enraged frenzy. Will tries to cool Sami down, pressing a finger to his lips to motion her to keep quiet.


SAMI: Thank God you're here.
WILL: SHH! Ari's having a nap!


Sami stops herself for a second, resting against the edge of the armchair in the living room, as Will walks quickly over to close Ari's bedroom door.


SAMI: Sorry.
WILL: What was so urgent?
SAMI: Where's Gabi?


Will stumbles over his words, thrown off by Sami's lack of focus. He responds firmly without shouting.


WILL: Gabi's at the corner store grabbing milk. What is the problem?
SAMI: Well, for one, you have a new boss.


Will looks confused, furrowing his brow.


WILL: What do you mean?
SAMI: I mean Nick Fallon just staged a coup to take over Titan, and if you're not careful, he's got enough on you to ruin your entire career before it even begins.


Will's jaw drops at the stunning news of Nick's ascent.




Alex stands in the Kiriakis living room, watching an on-edge Adrienne pace behind the sofa, while he continues to munch on his blueberries.


ADRIENNE: So she basically just...invited herself to dinner, which, of course, I turned her down, but...not that THAT would ever stop her...
ALEX: Well, I think she should come to dinner.


Adrienne stops in her tracks, looking incredulously at Alex.


ADRIENNE: Alexander Kiriakis, are you serious?


Alex looks at Adrienne and shrugs at the idea.


ALEX: I don't see why not. Look at it this way, if she comes to dinner tonight, it'll probably pacify her and we won't have to have her asking me to stay here while she's in town.
ADRIENNE: Alex, that's exactly why I DON'T want her coming to dinner. You know full well she's going to use that dinner invitation to guilt you into letting her stay for however many days she claims she'll be in town, and before you've even shown her what room she's staying in, she'll have her entire campaign team set up in the dining room!


A voice calls out from behind them, causing both Alex and Adrienne to turn toward the entrance to the living room.


NOELLE: Well, I guess that answers my question on how everyone feels about having company for dinner tonight, then?



Noelle walks into the room, hands on hips, with a wry smile. Adrienne looks on, unimpressed, while Alex seems...uncertain, looking back at Adrienne before turning back to look at his wife.




Kate steps over to Roman, putting a hand on his shoulder out of concern. Roman fidgets at Kate's touch.


KATE: Roman...
ROMAN: Just stop...I'm sorry. I haven't had much of a chance to look into this the last few days.


Kate looks over at Roman, shocked by his uncharacteristic lack of attention, as Roman sits down behind his desk.


KATE: I...I don't get it. You knew this was a huge case, Roman. I put my relationships with my kids, with...with Rafe...I put that on hold for this. All to see justice done. And with all the...chaos that's been going down between the virus and...Nick taking over Titan, you...Roman, are you okay?


Roman snaps at Kate, taking her aback.


ROMAN: Dammit, Kate, I'm fine! I can't even have a cup of coffee in the morning without someone asking me what's going on here at Anderson and how I'm gonna take care of this, and I'll tell you, since Bob died, it's been absolute chaos.


Kate looks at Roman, confused and stunned.


KATE: Anderson? Wh...what are you talking about?




Tyler stumbles over his words, stunned by the news that Victor's awakened from his coma.


TYLER: Y...You're sure?


Maggie looks on, excitedly, almost bouncing as she speaks with joy.


MAGGIE: Yes! Isn't it terrific news? I mean...he's...I'll admit, very groggy. I think it's gonna take some time before he's fully awake but...oh this is such good news. I'm going to have to tell the family, but...first I need to get ahead of Daniel. Excuse me.


TYLER: Certainly.


Tyler watches Maggie run off to speak to the nurses in hopes of tracking Daniel down, before looking over toward Victor's room. He slowly walks over, peering inside the room as he gently pushes the door open.


Looking back again as Maggie runs off to find Daniel, Tyler steps into Victor's room.


Victor, still barely revived, gently turns his head to see who's come in. Barely audible, he chokes out a greeting.


VICTOR: H...Houston.


Shutting the door behind him, Tyler slowly walks toward Victor's side. He speaks softly,but with urgency.


TYLER: Victor. It's good to see you awake.
VICTOR: ...It's....it's good to see you...at all.


Tyler chuckles to himself, before his face drops again, sighing as he continues.


TYLER: Victor...I don't mean to hit you with bad news so soon after you've come to, but...we have a...we have a situation at Titan.


Victor looks at Tyler, his expression unchanging, but with a tension in his face that wasn't there a moment before.


VICTOR: Wh...what kind of situation?

TYLER: It's Nick Fallon. He blackmailed the board into making him CEO.


Victor turns his head slowly, looking up at the ceiling. He closes his eyes for a moment and curses, barely above a whisper.


VICTOR: Damn. 


Victor turns his head back toward Tyler, their eyes locking in a serious gaze.


VICTOR: Make him pay...for this.




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