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DAYS #144: Maggie shares the good news with the family, Gabi signs on the dotted line





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


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Sonny steps into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, heading over from the kitchen. Adrienne, Justin, Noelle and Alex are all assembled in the living room, and all look up at Sonny as he steps into the room.


SONNY: Hey! Ahh, cook just let me know that dinner was gonna be about another 15 minutes? So...just to wait here.
ADRIENNE: Great, Honey! Just waiting on Maggie and I guess we'll get everything started.


Sonny pops over to sit down on the sofa next to Justin.


SONNY: Where is Aunt Maggie?
JUSTIN: Oh, she's just gone to visit Victor for a bit.
ALEX: Any news on Victor's condition?


As Alex asks that question, Maggie walks into the living room, trying in vain to hide her good news.


MAGGIE: Well...yes and no.


Everyone in the room looks on expectantly, as Maggie stands near the doorway of the living room, her hands clasped together in front of her.


NOELLE: Well, what does that mean?
MAGGIE: It means that he's turned a corner...but...we can't tell anybody about it.


Everyone looks at Maggie, baffled, as Maggie smiles awkwardly back.




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Billie steps off the elevator at University Hospital, and stumbles upon Kim, having a chat with Valerie in front of Theresa's room. Knowing she's not meant to be there, Billie hangs back a bit, but Kim spots her, anyway. Kim glowers as Billie lifts her chin up and walks over.


KIM: Billie. I wish I could say I was surprised.
BILLIE: Kim. I was actually here visiting Daniel, so you have nothing to worry about.
KIM: I'd better not. 


Billie looks down, trying to compose herself, hoping to avoid another confrontation.


BILLIE: I umm...how is Theresa?


Kim immediately snaps back at Billie, causing both Billie and Valerie to tense up.


KIM: She's the same. Not that that's any of your business.
BILLIE: Kim, I...


Valerie cuts Billie off, knowing this will go nowhere good.


VALERIE: Look, I'm not gonna tolerate you two having an all out brawl in the middle of my hospital. Now, if you wanna have a chat, we can step into the lounge, but we aren't doing this here.
BILLIE: Don't worry, Valerie. I'm leaving.
KIM: I hope so. And I hope you stay gone, because if I find out you had anything to do with my daughter lapsing back into her coma, I will find out. 


Billie looks at Kim, incredulous.


BILLIE: Kim, what the Hell are you talking about?
KIM: I have reason to suspect that someone has been poisoning my daughter to keep her in a coma.
BILLIE: And you assume it's ME? (laughs) Oh my God, Kim, you've REALLY lost it this time!


Kim glares daggers at Billie, as Billie looks on, laughing at the ridiculousness of Kim's claims.




8fxuDEk.png CrNEeHU.png khWXGnW.png
Gabi and Will stand in their living room with Sami, deeply troubled by the news Sami's just given them regarding Nick.


GABI: Okay...so...if Nick's now the CEO of Titan...I mean...Sami, how far do we want this plan to go? Obviously hooking him on his old medication isn't stopping him, and it's certainly not causing him to get tripped up. Quite honestly, I don't know how much longer I can take this.
SAMI: Just...stay the course, Gabi.


Will cuts in, getting uneasy with Sami's insistence on persevering.


WILL: Oh come on, Mom. How far do we really wanna go with this whole plan? I mean, every time we think we've got this guy handled, he manages to worm his way out and get the upper hand again. And quite honestly, I'm sick of finding out more bad news every time I hear his name.


Sami, arms crossed, laughs a bit in resignation.


SAMI: Heh. Yeah. You and me both. But there's nothing we can do now. If we don't follow through, Nick WILL win. And Gabi, and Arianna will end up on the other side of the world with Nick Fallon.
GABI: Ohhh no. I will die before I let that happen.


Gabi and Will looks at each other with a certain level of fear they try to hold back. Sami walks over to the sofa, sitting down and grabbing the pen from the coffee table. She hovers over the modelling contract on the table. Signing the document, she looks up at Gabi.


SAMI: Well then, I guess you better sign on the dotted line then.


Gabi hesitates, standing back from Sami with her arms folded, clearly tense from the pressure.







Qpowg4X.png C5cbJrD.png
Anita stands in her living, while Brady stands facing her, arms folded in front of him. Brady looks at Anita, upset by Anita's seeking the news story of Nick taking over as CEO of Titan.


ANITA: Yes...I know who you are, Brady. I've known for a long time.
BRADY: Have you, now? And just how long were you planning on keeping this little...secret from me?


Anita sighs, trying to find the words to stop Brady from getting too wound up.


ANITA: As long as it was going to take for you to trust me.


Brady guffaws at Anita's statement, as Anita walks past Brady, looking intensely at the article on her computer screen about Nick's takeover.


BRADY: How perfect. So you were gonna keep lying until I trusted you, and for what?
ANITA: Then maybe you'd open up to me about what happened to you. Maybe you'd finally let me help you. If I told you that I knew you were Victor Kiriakis' grandson, you'dve been out the door as soon as you were strong enough to crawl out of that bed.

BRADY: And maybe I should've.


Anita grabs Brady's arm, stopping him from walking out of the room.


ANITA: Brady. I didn't keep this from you for my own gain. I did it so that you felt safe here. Nobody from Salem knows you're here, and nobody will as long as YOU want it that way.


Brady looks at Anita, a mix of uncertainty, anger, and a strange sense of trust.




Gabi stares at the pen Sami holds up for her, as Sami sits at the desk in Gabi's living room. Will looks on, unsure of what the situation is, when all hear a knock at the door. Will heads over to open the door, revealing Kate.


KATE: Hi! Sorry, I'm late, I had...a lot to take care of.
SAMI: So I heard. 
GABI: So...now that Nick's CEO of Titan...does this change anything where this supposed bidding war is concerned.


Kate smiles, confident in her statement.


KATE: Oh absolutely not.


Gabi smiles, still clearly nervous about the plan.


GABI: Okay, good. I uh...I confirmed a date with Nick for tonight. He...uh...he actually asked me first, so...
SAMI: Perfect, so we're all set. All you have to do, is sign, and let the fun begin.


Sami hands Gabi her pen, as Gabi steps over to the desk, and signs the modelling contract, putting her into a contract with MadWorld at DiMera. Kate, and Sami look at each other with a confidence, while Will looks on, concerned, and slightly confused by the proceedings.




Valerie opens the door to the hospital lounge, and leads Kim and Billie inside, closing the door behind them. She looks at them sternly.


VALERIE: Now, I assume you're gonna keep in civil in here. 


Kim stands, facing Billie, arms folded as she looks at her with a scowl.


KIM: Naturally.
BILLIE: Thank you.


Valerie looks at both women seriously for a moment, before stepping out of the room, closing the door again behind them, as Billie looks at Kim, exhausted by the fighting.


BILLIE: Look, Kim. I've had it with the accusations and the arguments. Okay? I have no idea who, if anyone, is poisoning Theresa, but...
KIM: But I guess we're gonna find out. Becuase I have made sure that there is a guard at that door, 24/7 from now on, and they can't so much as take a bathroom break without getting a relief guard. So if you're taking advantage of your little doctor boyfriend to try to sneak into Theresa's room without my knowing? 


Kim steps in close to Billie, attempting to intimidate her.


KIM: I WILL find out about it. Make no mistake.


Billie looks back at Kim, unflinchingly.




The Kiriakises look confused at Maggie, who stands surrounded by them in the Kiriakis living room. She smiles, knowing how awkward her news is.


JUSTIN: I'm sorry....what?


Maggie smiles, and looks at Justin, before repeating herself a beat later.


MAGGIE: We can't tell anyone he's recovering. He doesn't want anyone to know, I guess partly because of what happened at the board meeting today. Honestly, I don't even think he wanted me to tell you all but...I just can't keep it bottled up. We just need to give him the space to recover, and not push him too hard with too many visitors right now.

ALEX: Wait...he doesn't? So...does this mean...
MAGGIE: That's right. Victor's awake.


Everyone, particularly Noelle, take notice, as their eyes widen in surprise.




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