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  1. Exactly. It's the oldest trick in the presidential playbook, and a surefire way to guarantee another term of office. It's going to be a long, long, VERY long seven-and-a-half years.
  2. Trump to address the nation on military strategy in Afghanistan
  3. Ten bucks an hour? It figures they would pay such crappy wages.
  4. Same here. Oklahoma wasn't a state during the Civil War either. Yet, we have five schools named after Confederate generals. However, because of what happened in Charlottesville, there IS a proposal to rename the schools. I hope they're successful, too. Honestly, WTF were we doing NAMING schools in OK after people like Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson? Oh, and leave it to our governor, Mary Fallin, the same woman who called for have a day of prayer for the oil industry(!), to remain neutral about the controversies. I'd like to say her silence will ensure her not getting another term to run this state further into the ground. However, this is Oklahoma. The devil himself could get elected here so long as he runs as a Republican.
  5. Another article on the GOP's fresh hell of their own making:
  6. Yeah, that dress just SCREAMS "Take me seriously as a journalist," doesn't it? At this rate, the networks will think nothing of having these women interview politicos and dignitaries in string bikinis.
  7. These days, there are SO few joys in my life, so hearing that Anchorwoman Barbie got trounced by "America's Funniest Unsolved Mysteries"...well, for me, that's like a fist bump from Jesus.
  8. "Our great country has been divided for decades. Sometimes you need protest in order to heil, & we will heil, & be stronger than ever before!"
  9. Or, as Trump would say: "SAD!!"
  10. Boston "Free Speech" Rally Ends Early Apparently, the rally ended before any of the scheduled speeches?
  11. I think one of my friends posted this on her FB page. IDK, perhaps this is true on both sides of the political aisle, but what annoys me most is how "Trumpers" fall back on rhetoric when they can't back it up with facts or can't really answer the question. I'm not saying they should just throw up their hands and say, "You got us." But, c'mon, even your high school debate teams know that there are ALWAYS facts out there that can support this-or-that argument, no matter how flimsy those facts or your argument might be.
  12. It also helps that we are living in the post-9/11 age, with this country more insular and more afraid than ever before.
  13. It's probably the former.
  14. For once, Trump did the right thing by choosing to skip the Kennedy Center Honors. (Enjoy my praise, Donny, because we KNOW it won't last.) But why is he announcing in AUGUST that he won't be attending a gala in DECEMBER?
  15. Bannon: The Trump Presidency Is "Over" (But, he vows, he will "make something" out of it.) My take: with Bannon gone, the GOP probably thinks they COULD moderate Trump. They'll learn quickly, however, no matter how many toys you take away from him or threaten to take away, Trump is still Trump. One more: Conservatives React With Fury to Bannon's Departure
  16. It certainly hasn't spoken to me since you-know-who was allowed to host.
  17. "Scotch-and-Soda" Steve makes it clear (*hiccup*):
  18. Well, then, I'll say it: Tina Fey is as insincere as my ass is wide...and I have a VERY wide ass. To me, she's your typical white female liberal (no offense, anyone). White female liberals, particularly those who are in the public eye, are outspoken about inequality as long as the inequality affects them directly. But, let WOC be the ones getting the shaft from the white, male, ultra-conservative establishment, and they all mysteriously develop cases of laryngitis. (Another example would, of course, be Miss Taylor "This Next Song's About Another One of My Exes" Swift.) Now, I'm not saying ALL white females who are liberals behave this way. But, as the saying goes, a few rotten apples spoil the rest of the bunch; and TF is a rotten apple. And think about it: in all the movies and TV shows she's participated in throughout the years, have you ever seen TF work much with WOC? Have you? (No, Tina, Tituss Burgess does not count.) Also, she's not funny.
  19. That's what I say every time I finish watching another one of Tyler Perry's plays with Mama Khan.
  20. If it actually GETS to the point, I'll give y'all two guesses as to on which side the GOP will fall...and one of them will be wrong. They're too damn afraid to alienate Trump's voters, because, hey, a vote is still a vote.
  21. Tina Fey to Anti-White Supremacists: "Go Eat Cake"! No offense, Tina, but the last time a woman told a bunch of people to go eat cake, it didn't end well. But seriously. Was she seriously telling us to stay home and eat cake instead? Like, seriously? Gurl. That's what GOT us into this mess. Nah, Tina, YOU eat the cake. (I'm watching my figure.) I'll go out and fight the F**king Nazis instead.
  22. This might be a first for me: Oh, ick, it's got that heffa, Stacey Dash, in it!
  23. Gah! I can only imagine what it must've been like for those women who chose to break it off with "The Donald." Yeah, my knowledge of '90's R&B is very limited. I bowed out of popular music right around the time gangsta rap and grunge jumped into the mainstream.
  24. Actually, I thought it was TOO clever. Just a simple "[!@#$%^&*] your racist bullshit, we're out!" would have sufficed.
  25. Presidents' Arts Council Resigns Damn, I wish I had a good '90's R&B song to go with this one. IDK, Vee, maybe "One Sweet Day"? "If I Ever Fall in Love"? Please help me out here.