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Mo’Nique Slams Whoopi Goldberg in Revealing Interview


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I read that earlier today. I think there's a lot of truth to it but I also think Mo'Nique hasn't stopped being her worst enemy for years. But in this day and age, who am I to say? And she is absolutely right about the white comediennes who don't ever have to work again, and the black ones who do. It's complicated.

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I'm not much of a Whoopi fan in recent years, but I do think she gave Mo'Nique good advice. 


Mo'Nique has had unfair treatment, but I wonder how much of that is down to her husband, who rubs people the wrong way. She also seems to have much harsher words for people who tried to help (like Tyler Perry) than for the likes of Roseanne.


Still, she's a very talented comedienne and I'm glad she has found her feet, even if I think as long as she's with that husband she's never really going to be happy.

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