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RIP Kaye Ballard ("The Mothers-In-Law")


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TEXAS                 Kaye Ballard  guest on Stella Stanton Show       1982

ALL MY CHILDREN        Mrs. Remo               1993

DUE SOUTH              Mrs. Vecchio             1994; 1995



THE MOTHERS-IN LAW         Kaye Buell            1967-69

THE DORIS DAY SHOW         Angie Pallucci       1970-72

WHAT A DUMMY                   Mrs. Treva Travalony     1991-92


countless game shows/talk show appearances



I watched reruns of the Mothers-In-Law a few years back, and loved it.


RIP to a great lady!


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I used to watch What a Dummy on Saturday afternoons. There was an episode who are they were in front of the TV watching The Mothers-in-Law and made one of those tongue in cheek meta references.

I loved her commentary on the Broadway Golden Age documentary.

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