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Characters with multiple backstories

j swift

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1 hour ago, robbwolff said:

I wouldn't say that characters were rewritten because the initial concept didn't work. A clear example is your own use of Iris Carrington. Iris' parentage worked beautifully for years and provided plenty of storylines and conflict. Rather, very often other writers come along with their own vision and rewrite a character's past to fit that vision. What would you cite as a character rewrite that was dictated by the fact that the original concept didn't work?

I think Shane/Bobby Reno on AW is a classic example as well as Andrea Bedford on Santa Barbara.  Bobby Reno had Ryan Harrison's corneas and Amanda Cory's ex-husband's head and body and then was clearly re-written into Shane.  Andrea was brought on with the clear intent for her to be the Dragon, then it was pinned on a nurse and she became a heroine.

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16 hours ago, John said:

They didnt change Victors story til 94/95

Eric Kane was changed in 1989/90 and 93so I guess OLTL's Victor got Eric Kaned


I was referring to the later revelation that Eric sold his own daughter for a showbiz deal, taking him from not-so-great absentee father to monster.

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During the 1980s, it was revealed that both Palmer Courtlandt (on All My Children) and Victor Lord (on One Life to Live) had been art thieves and had stowed their secretly stolen possessions in their mansions.


Nothing from their introductions would have hinted at this.

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On 7/14/2018 at 4:36 PM, Efulton said:

I don’t understand your point about Jake McKinnon. Jake interacted quite a bit with Vince and his cousins from the moment he arrived in Bay City.  And Vince, Kathleen, Cheryl and MJ were in Jake and Marley’s wedding party. M.J. also sang at the wedding.

Yeah the Steve Frame thing was a complete reinvent but maybe Harding Lemay used this as he lied about his past.  He came from some big family and as we saw over the years the Frames were a bit nuts.  Not sure If that discussion occurred in the early 70's that Steve never talked about his large family.  Harding Lemay used the character Steve Frame off his own farm family.  I thought it was even odder in 1987 when the Frame farm suddenly on the canvas.  They were all from Chadwell and never was their a farm in the 70's when all the Frame siblings were introduced.. 


On 7/14/2018 at 12:40 PM, j swift said:

Whether it is due to a change in writers or a new producer some characters can not keep their backstory straight over the years.  I've thought of a couple but I would be eager to hear about others who suffer from the same flaw.


1. Max Holden (OLTL), came to LLandview as a rancher who lived in Argentina with a brother named Steve.  Later, he had a father in Texas with a ranch with his new siblings Jake and Andi.


2.Steve Frame (AW), from only child former football player to oldest of seven from a farm town.


3.John Black (Days), the classic in this category former priest/spy/jewel thief/heir to two family fortunes


4. Doug Williams (Days) - from Bill Horton's conman cellmate to having a long lost rich twin that left town and was never discussed again. 


5. Jake McKinnon (AW) - grew up in Lassiter, Pennsylvania but somehow his uncle Vince and cousins were in town for years and he never contacted them nor invited them to his first wedding to Marley?



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