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Sling TV thread

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15 hours ago, dragonflies said:

 I have two tv's and I have fire stick on one and roku stick on the other and paid $40 for each, so overall I got a good deal given it's a one time cost.


True dat.  Because we had decided to cancel our cable subscription, Mama Khan and I trekked to Ye Olde Best Buy and bought five Fire Sticks, one for each TV set.


Now, between our Sling subscription, increased Internet speed and landline, we aren't saving TOO much money, just $40/month.  But it does seem as if we're getting more for our money.

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Hey y'all.  We cut the cord a few months ago and honestly, I wish we would have done it sooner.  But I ran into a problem with Sling..


While on our free trial period, we would stream Walking Dead from Sling (Chromecast) and buffering was a serious problem.  BIG time.  The audio was not synced to the picture and it was very "jumpy".  A few minutes of everything OK, followed by the buffering issue for a few minutes.  We suffered through it just to was the last few episodes of WD.


While this was happening, I tried other shows on Sling and about half had this same problem.  So I switched over to Netflix, Crackle and Hulu.  No problems with any of them.  It would just happen on Sling and usually while watching WD.  I streamed something from Sling once in the early afternoon and had no issues.


I wondered if they were having some capacity/bandwidth issues.  Have yall had this happen to you?


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Go under your settings and see what your bandwidth is set too. Go to connection then it will tell you what  your bandwidth usage is limited too. If it's no limit then that should fix the problem.

If it's any of the others that could be the issue

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