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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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2 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Where The Heart Is

Julie Weiner Miss Collison (nurse)


1 hour ago, Paul Raven said:

Secret Storm

Fred Porcelli Maitre D' The Bird Cage (Woodbridge night club)




Joe Williams the airport manager    Don Chastain     1986   with Bob, Kevin and Barry

Barry Wais  Corbin Bernsen 1986  pilot that flew Bob and Kevin to look for Frannie and Kim

Dr. Henry Strauss   W. T. Martin      1986     hit and run victim of Douglas Cummings, his former patient

Justice of the Peace           Albert H. Ratcliffe    1986



Dr. ___ Oleson     Robert Perrault    1989

Mother Superior        Hanna Hertelendy      1984


Officer ___ Higgins        Craig Zakarian      1995

Dr. Kent     LizBeth McKay    1995

Dr.  Jill Rosenstein       Kitty Lunn        1995

Cop             Eileen Galindo      1995



?????       Ann Thomas             3/29&30/1961



????????????           Charles Grodin  1963



Actress Mari Lynn appeared September  58. and for 7 days in March, 1961




Howie Dawson...Ray Girardin 68-74  Employee of Burt Douglas; dated Jane Harland, a nurse; married her; cheated with her cousin Carol; reunited; fathered Joanne;secret vasectomy   10/73; spending time w/ Augusta   end 73/early 74; moved to NYC.


Dora...photographer's assistant...Carolyn Hennessy 81-82


Uncle Hank Pinkham    Maurice Manson 69     Henry's rich uncle that did not care for Sharon


Dr. Henry Pinkham                   Shy and quirky doctor that pursued bubbly nurse Sharon McGillis; married her and fathered Pamela Jane; eventually split when Sharon left town to care for her mother and fell for a country club guy; interested in Mai Lin after attending her performance with the easy Augusta McLeod; had a drug problem after taking too many shifts and was blackmailed by his pusher; fell for Jane Dawson after Howie left; got a job with her at Mercy hospital in Port Charles

                                                  Peter Kilman 66-75   


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20 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Secret Storm

Harry Orzello Father O'Keane fellow priest to Fr Mark Reddin 1973





OCTOBER 23, 1975


Mrs.  ___ __ Chamberlayne        Kate Wilkinson

Dr. __ Craik                    Dino Narizzano

Nelly Custis            Audrey Landers

Patsy Custis              Carol Williard 

George Fairfax        Joel Crothers

Sally __ Fairfax            Bibi Besch

Billy Lee         Eugene Hobgood 

George Washington     James Luisi

Martha ___ Washington       Susan Browning

Jacky                              Tom Fitzsimmons

Nancy                     Pamela Lincoln





JANUARY 20, 1976


Miss Benham         Meg Mundy

Senator ___ Fall     Vince O'Brien

Senator ___ Hitchcock    William Post, Jr.

Colonel House      Ralph Drischell

Joe Tumulty      Stephen Joyce  

Edith Galt Wilson   Elizabeth Hubbard  

Woodrow Wilson    Michael Kane


Altrude                  Constance McCashin

Helen                     Sandra Seacat    

Susan                    Lil Henderson




Charles Buscema, Vincent Novak  both -2021;

Nurse   ??????     9/21/21      at desk with Liz, Britt, Finn

Guide hired by Peter August ????    9/21/21

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Welcome @Nicholas Blair and thank you for the information.



Josh Bendarik      Nice guy teen that dated Stacy Corby; befriended Tod and Gerry; drugged up and trashed a house with the other three; blackmailed by Gerry and Tod; they threatened to report that he raped Gerry

                                  Rick Losey     1971

                         .Brian Brownlee...1972


Mrs. Breyley      Rue Mc Lanahan       1971  Gerry's mother; "Trailer trash" Roller derby lovin' gal that new her little girl could be trouble


Stacy Corby   Cindy Grover   71-72   daughter of Matt and Evelyn; became Van's ward; dated Josh; did drugs with friends Gerry and Tod and trashed a house.


Gerry Breyley...Julia Duffy 1971-72    Bad seed; dated Tod; got high and trashed a home; blackmailed Josh, threatening to say he raped her.


Todd Andrews or  Anders?        ..Rod Gibbons...1972   Bad boy teen that dated Gerry and was friend of Stacy Corby and Josh Bendarik; got high and trashed a house; tried to blackmail Josh, saying that he raped Gerry

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99 Year old fan that's been watching GH from the beginning will appear the 27th of September

Felicia Tabbi has been given a spot. I'll add her to the list when we see who she plays.



Aired September 6, 2021-September 10, 2021


Thank you @JAS0N47 as I've only watched part one so far-- and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Lord Sebastian Alamain      Noah Huntley

John Black                         Drake Hogestyn
Dr. Marlena Evans ... Black  Deidre Hall
Cori Blake                          Roxy Wood
Billie Reed  Brady               Lisa Rinna
Abe Carver                        James Reynolds
Jackie Cox                         Jackie Cox
Anna Fredericks Brady DiMera   Leann Hunley
Antony DiMera                   Thaao Penghlis
Chad DiMera                      Billy Flynn
Kristen DiMera                    Eileen Davidson
Kristen as Sister Mary Moira  Eileen Davidson
Drew Donovan                    Charles Shaughnessy
Shane Donovan                   Charles Shaughnessy
Miles Faversham                  Scott Bailey
Sophie___  Faversham         Adrienne Frantz
Agent Kyle Graham              Peter Porte
Eli Grant                              Lamon Archey
Lani Price Grant                    Sal Stowers
Will Horton                           Chandler Massey
Sonny Kiriakis                       Zach Tinker
Paulina Price                         Jackee Harry
Austin Reed                          Austin Peck
Carrie Brady Reed                 Christie Clark
Leo Starke                            Greg Rikaart
Ben Weston                          Robert Scott Wilson
Ciara  Brady  Weston             Victoria Konefal
Michelle White                       Enya Flack
Frank                                    Thai "The Thaiga" Edwards
Nola                                     Ellen Karsten
Rodney                                 Edward Gelhaus
Aide                                      Geoffrey Kennedy
Auctioneer                             Louis Van Amstel
Bidding Man                           Michael de Lara
Princess Gina Double              Sasha Higgins
Choreographer                       Louis Van Amstel
Stunt Coordinator                   Chris Nielsen
Stunt Double  (Eli)                  Reuben Lee
OCTOBER 4, 1982   CBS-TV
__   DeHaviland         Maurice Marsac
Barbara Fisher           Donna Mills
Armande Habib          Franc M. Benard
Tyger Hayes               Genie Francis
Ava __ Marshall          Lee Grant
Chase Marshall           Bruce Boxleitner
Hadden Marshall         John Dehner
Hugh Marshall            John Lupton
Marcus Marshall         Jonathan Frakes
Margaret ___ Marshall   Susan French
Muffin Marshall           Wendy Fulton
Matt Phillips                Joel Higgins
Lady Bobbi Rowan       Linda Evans
Robert Spencer           Morgan Stevens
Arthur Williams           John Larroquette
Billy Youngblood         Tim Thomerson
Melody __ Youngblood  Belinda Montgomery
Princess Luciani           Lena Pousette
Tim the Football Player  Jim Negele
Violet                         Maidie Norman
Unnamed Roles
    Frances Bergen
    Corinne Bohrer
    Donald Craig
    Virginia Dale
    Don Dolan
    Gloria Henry
     Ken Hixon
     Anita Jodelsohn
     Joanne Morgan
     Byron Morrow
     Brian O'Brien
     Martin Rabbett
     Eliza Roberts
     Elizabeth Robinson
     Lynn Seibel
     June Whitley Taylor
     Joseph Vecchio  (Michael Joseph Steele)
      Gareth Wilton



Edited by slick jones
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APRIL 15, 1983-JUNE 13, 1983    NBC-TV
Dr. Barnett                          George D. Wallace   
Sean Benedict                     Michael Woods
Captain __ Bolande              Paul Lukather
Mr. ___ Clemenseau             Roger Til
Larry DeVito                        Morgan Stevens
Lieutenant __ DuClos           Michael Carven
Barbara Fisher                     Jaime Lyn Bauer
Dr. ___ Franklin                   Hansford Rowe
Betty __ Jackson                  Toni Sawyer
Senator ___ Jackson             Chris Lofton
Ava __ Marshall                    Jessica Walter
Chase Marshall                     Al Corley
Haddon Marshall                   John Dehner
Marcus  Marshall                   Jonathan Frakes
Margaret ___ Marshall           Susan French
Muffin Marshall                      Wendy Fulton
Tyger Hayes Marshall             Genie Francis
Laura Parker                         Joan Fontaine
                                           Penny Fuller
Lady Bobbi Rowan                 Jennifer O'Neill
Robert Spencer                     Ted LePlat
Alexei Theophilus                  Michael Nader
Niko Theophilus                     Ian McShane
__ Wingate                           John Milford
Alan                                   Richard Backus
Cathy                                 Laura Bruneau
Charles                               Christopher Allport
Princess Luciana                  Gina Gallego
Natasha                              Anulka Dziubinski
Norman                              David Ankrum
Sylvia                                 Paula Holland
Tim the football player         Jim Negele
Violet                                 Maidie Norman
Greek Cop                          Kopi Sotiropulos
Unnamed Roles
    Nora Boland
    Dennis Breckner
    Twink Caplan
    Ancel Cook
    Mimi Cozzens
    Donald Craig
    Kristi Ferrell
    Barbara Flicker
    Denise Gordy
    Sally Hampton
    Tiffany Helm
    Gloria Henry 
    Bert Hinchman
    Charles Lampkin
    Michael Lemon
    Don Mason
    Marius Mazmaritan
    Shirley Prestia
    Ivan Saric
    Edmund Stoiber
    Harvey Vernon
    Garth Wilson
    Carol Wyand
Edited by slick jones
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Nurse   ??????     9/21/21      at desk with Liz, Britt, Finn*

Guide hired by Peter August ????    9/21/21*



Nikolas Cassadine     Adam Huss       Temp    9/29/2021

Dr. Yuan     Brian Yang    Chloe's doctor-- works for Victor      9/27/21

Health Aide  (Ms. Tabbi)   Aida  Serrano        9/27/2021      

Bartender   ????????        9/27/21   (Charlie's)

Patient        Felecia Tabbi    9/27/2021   (99 year old fan)

             (daughter)                         Cheryl Tabbi   

Greek Bartender   Costa Nicholas       9/28/2021       Crete

Greek Musician at bar     ?????       9/28/2021     Crete
Asian Nurse     ?????      9/29/21
Doctor Roaming Halls    ????     9/29/21
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