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Efram Zimbalist, Jr. (Concerning Miss Marlowe)

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I could not locate a thread for the show Concerning Miss Marlowe.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr., who later became a staple of 1960s and ’70s TV as the star of ABC dramas “77 Sunset Strip” and “The F.B.I.,” has died. He was 95.

He appeared on Concerning Miss Marlowe as Jim in 1954 and 1955.

Zimbalist died Friday at his home in Solvang, Calif., according to a statement issued by his daughter, actress Stephanie Zimbalist, and son Efrem Zimbalist III.

“We are heartbroken to announce the passing into peace of our beloved father, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., today at his Solvang, Calif. ranch. A devout Christian, he actively enjoyed his life to the last day, showering love on his extended family, playing golf, and visiting with close friends.”

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Billboard Review

Concerning Miss Marlowe (TV)

Cast: Louise Albritton. Jane Seymour. Helen Shield, John Gibson. Patti Bosworth. Eddie Brian.

Producer, Tom McDermott.

Director. Larry White.

Writers, John Pickard. Frank Provo. (NBC -TV. 3:35.4 p.m. EDT. July 5.)

NBC -TV has lined up an impressive new soap opera block for its daily 2 -4:30 p.m. time period. "Concerning Miss Marlowe," sponsored on an alternate -day basis by Procter & Gamble, is the most glamorous entry, with Louise Albritton playing a celebrated actress as contrasted with the s u b u r ban housewife -white collar motif of the other epics. However, the ladies don't mind a little glamour if the heroine's swank outer trapping mask plenty of inward torment. In fact. a you -cant- buy -happiness theme has its compensations, since it probably enables the little woman to face a sinkful of dirty dishes with less animosity than usual, comforted by the thought that sometimes it's rough to be rich. Miss Albritton is a decorative and accomplished actress, although the opening scene (wherein she gazed soulfully at some unidentified photos) required her to bear down a bit too hard on registering silent emotion. Monday's show spotlighted her return from a successful engagement in England, with plans to retire from the stage and raise a family. Tragic Day! However, sponsor forbid that any poor girl's life should run smoothly on daytime video. The finish found her stunned with grief after a friend (Bill Cooke) broke the news that the man she planned to marry had died four days ago.This seemed a rather drastic device to stir up excitement, but it certainly made it obvious that Miss Albritton wasn't going to settle down to a vine- covered coltage for the next few episodes.

 The apartment setting was really expensive looking and the sheet-covered furniture gave the star some effective business on her first entrance, as well as firmly establishing the fact of her return home after a long sojourn abroad.

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Some story from this show

Maggie Marlowe was 40 and a renowned theater actress. She had planned to retire but following the death of her fiance she  accepted a role in a new play for financial and emotional security.

A determined young ingenue, Kit Christy, upstaged her, damaging her reputation as a result.

Maggie discovered Kit was her long lost daughter.

Kit had a boyfriend Ralph. Maggie met Jim Gavin, a dashing married barrister. Jim's wife Barbara was less concerned by this affair than his mother Belle Mare Gavin.

Believing her career would benefit Kit welcomed the overtures of Bojalian, an unscrupulous director.

Barbara died of an overdose. Jim was suspected but the culprit was Mike Donovan, Barbara's lover.

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Cast list/ character list, CMM



JULY 5, 1954-JULY 1, 1955 NBC


Ronald Blake...Bert Thorne

Linda Cabot...Sarah Burton EON

Marion Cahill...Elaine Rost

Kit Christy...Chris White    ingenue actress; daughter of Maggie; dated Ralph

Cyndy Clayton...Patricia Bosworth EON, YDM

Dot Clayton...Helen Shields ATWT, EON, FTR

Harry Clayton...John Gibson EON, GL

Tommy Clayton...Eddie Brien

Bill Cooke...John Raby EON, WTR

Mike Donovan...Byron Sanders   lover &killer of Barbara

Hugh Fraser,,,Lauren Gilbert EON

Barbara _____ Gavin...Sarah Burton killed by lover, Mike Donovan

"Belle Mere" Gavin...Kathleen Comegys       Mother, Jim

Jim Gavin...Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Attorney; +Maggie

Louise Gavin...Jane Seymour radio soaps

Augusta Gorme...Maggie Leubecker

Bud Gowan...Douglas Taylor

Jean Guthrie...Barbara Townsend

Lt. Hansen...Jim Boles

Bernie Kanner...Stephen Chase

Mrs. Koester...Leora Thatcher

Margaret Marlowe...Louise Allbritton   theater actress; discovered Kit was daughter; dated married Jim Gavin

...Helen Shields 1955

"Nana" Carol McClure...Lois Holmes

Mrs. McClure...Abby Lewis

Mr. McClure...John Seymour

John Moran...Phil Coolidge

Katie Patrick...Vera Rivers

Paul Sims...Norman MacKaye

Senor Zaragoza...Don Mayo




Adorno... Monty Banks, Jr.

Bojalian...unscrupulous director; +Kit...Ross Martin

Celia...Lois Bolton

Harriet the Hat...Jane Seymour

Jenny...Katherine Raht

Ralph...Donald Buka       +Kit


Desk Clerk...Carlos Montalban



?????...Helen Jean Arthur EON





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Some more story info

Concerning Miss Marlowe. Her first marriage ended in heartbreak. Daughter of a  Chicago motorman, she married a wealthy Winnetka boy against his parents' wishes. But he dies of pneumonia just before their daughter is born. Broke and without a job, she gives the child to husband's parents, who are loaded. Later, her mother-in-law takes the girl to Paris and is " swallowed up in the confusion in France when the Germans took over in World War II." She never hears from her daughter again. As the series opens, Miss Marlowe, played by Louise Albritton of the movies and stage, begins a new romance with Jeff Howard, an international lawyer. Ronald Anderson, her English suitor died suddenly a few days before. 

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Some storyline synopses that give a sense of the plot

Meg's refusal to marry Bill Cooke sends him off on a drink Ina spree.

Maggie is told by Kit that her mother was responsible for her father's early death.

Ralph Marquez suspects he is being used by Kit, and Jim Gavin makes a confession to Maggie.

Jim Gavin's sister pleads with her mother not interfere in Jim's life.

Barbara Gavin tells her husband she will not give him a divorce

Bojalian's wounds, as result of his fight with Marquez, prove to be not serious, but Kit remains dazed and incoherent.

Mrs McClure, Kit's grandmother, identifies Kit as Maggie's real daughter.

Maggie learns that Kit's mental condition is very serious and leaves for Florida with Kit's grand mother

Jam Gavin's wife Barbara is told some distressing news.

Gavin's wife Barbara is found dead.

The police discover that Barbara Gavin's death was homicide.

Mike becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Barbara Gavin.

Belle Mere announces that she was the last person to see Barbara Gavin bfore her death and tells how she died.

Jim Gavin flees to Mexico.

The romance between Maggie and Jim Gavin draws to a stirring climax

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December 2 1954

A newcomer to television, pretty Patti Bosworth, has her first dramatic role,. as 18 year old Cindy Clayton on NBC's new daytime serial Concerning Miss Marlowe (3:45-400 pm  EST Monday through Friday) which stars Hoilywood's Louise Allbritton as Maggie Marlowe.

Patti, who actually is 18, is a professional model (with Powers and more recently with Hartford) who displays college girl fashions in most of the leading  magazines in the country, and not only looks the part, but is a college girl in real life attending Sarah Lawrence College in New York City.

Although her theater experience is short, her acting talent evidently is not, for she played the lead in such summer productions.as, Ah Wilderness, Barrett's of Wimpole Street and Liliiom at at the Berkshire Playhouse in Massachusetts. Her television appearances up to now have been limited to live and filmed commercials. 

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 Radio Mirror July 55

ALTHOUGH  fame  and  fortune  have  always  been envied  and  sought  after,  they  can  prove  to  be poor  substitutes  for  happiness  and  love — as  actress Maggie  Marlowe  knows  only  too  well.  Today, Maggie  can  look  back  on  many  successful  years  as  a leading  lady.  But  all  the  glamour  and  notoriety  with which  she  has  been  showered  have  not  been  able  to wash  away  the  emptiness  and  unhappiness  she  has experienced.  Now,  Maggie  yearns  more  than  ever  for love  and  the  security  of  a  happy  home.  .  .  .  Twice  in her  life,  Maggie  has  lost  the  one  she  loved:  When she  was  a  young  girl,  her  husband  died  suddenly. More  recently,  tragedy  struck  when,  on  the  eve  of her  marriage  to  Roger  Anderson  he,  too,  passed away.  .  .  .  Bitterly  unhappy,  Maggie  decided  to  continue on  in  the  theater,  finding  her  life  once  again filled  with  surprises  and  complications — especially since  she  met  and  fell  in  love  with  Jim  Gavin,  well- known  international  lawyer.  Unhappily  married  to a  woman  who  would  not  grant  him  a  divorce,  Jim became  free  to  marry  Maggie  after  the  recent  death of  his  wife.  ...  As  she  contemplates  her  marriage  to Jim,  Maggie's  heart  rejoices,  for  now,  at  long  last, she  is  finding  her  dream  of  love  and  security  becoming more  of  a  reality  with  each  passing  day.

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