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Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copenhagen


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Following Emmelie de Forest's win with "Only Teardrops" at the 2013 edition in Malmö, Sweden, the 59th Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2014. Again, there will be three shows: Two semi-finals (May 6th and May 8th) and the big final (May 10th).

37 countries will participate this year.

2013 participants that will not participate in 2014:

  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Serbia

Former participants that will not return:

  • Andorra (inactive since 2009)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (inactive since 2012)
  • Czech Republic (inactive since 2009)
  • Monaco (inactive since 2006)
  • Slovakia (inactive since 2012)
  • Turkey (inactive since 2012)

2013 recaps

1st Semi-Final


2nd Semi-Final


Grand Final


Emmelie de Forest's winning performance


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Since it's still off-season – the first songs for 2014 will be selected in December –, I was listening to some favorites of mine that did not win their national finals in previous years and therefore didn't go to Eurovision.

I must admit that I usually only follow the national pre-selections in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Exceptions have of course occurred.

Adelén - Bombo

Norway 2013 – 2nd place in the national pre-selection – it's pure trash but so much fun


Nora Foss-Al Jabri - Somewhere Beautiful

Norway 2012 - 3rd place in the national pre-selection


Zlata Ognevich - The Kukushka

Ukraine 2011 - among the 3 finalists - Zlata represented Ukraine in 2013 and finished 3rd


Esma & Lozano - Imperija

Macedonia 2013 - the song was replaced before the contest


Lauris Reiniks - Banjo Laura

Latvia 2011 - 2nd place in the national pre-selection


The list could probably go on forever...

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Our national selection will begin next Saturday with the first of four qualification heats, eventually leading up to a big final on March 8th.

The biggest name competing this year is undoubtedly Elena Paparizou, who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Greece in 2005, and also represented Greece in 2001. This time she will try her luck here in Sweden. She was born here, but her parents are from Greece.

Other well-known names are Martin Stenmarck, who represented Sweden in the ESC 2005, and Alcazar, making their 5th attempt in the Swedish selection.

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Poor Elena Paparizou only went to MF's Andra Chansen – who would have thought.

Next three entries:

Finland 2014: Softengine / "Something Better"


Italy 2014: Emma Marrone / "La mia città"


Switzerland 2014: Sebalter / "Hunter of Stars"


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I hope Sweden sends either Sanna or Alcazar.

I think Germany will either send Unheilig or Santiano... the other 6 participants of the national final – Oceana, The Baseballs, Elaiza, MarieMarie and Das gezeichnete Ich – only have an outside chance to win.

Ireland 2014: Cann-linn feat. Kasey Smith / "Heartbeat"


Poland 2014: Donatan & Cleo / "My Slowianie"


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Estonia 2014: Tanja / "Amazing"


France 2014: TwinTwin / "Moustache"


Lithuania 2014: Vilija Matačiūnaitė / "Attention"


Romania 2014: Paula Seling & Ovi / "Miracle"


United Kingdom 2014: Molly / "Children of the Universe"


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Germany 2014: Elaiza / "Is it Right?"


Greece 2014: Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd / "Rise Up"


Montenegro 2014: Sergej Cetkovic / "Moj Svijet"


The Netherlands 2014: The Common Linnets / "Calm After the Storm"


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Armenia 2014: Aram MP3 / "Not Alone"


Azerbaijan 2014: Dilara Kazimova / "Start A Fire"


Georgia 2014: The Shin & Mariko / "Three Minutes to Earth"


San Marino 2014: Valentina Monetta / "Maybe"


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Belgium 2014: Axel Hirsoux / "Mother"


Israel 2014: Mei Finegold / "Same Heart"


Moldova 2014: Cristina Scarlat / "Wild Soul"


Norway 2014: Carl Espen / "Silent Storm"


Portugal 2014: Susy / "Quero Ser Tua"


The only missing songs are Austria and Russia.

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