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Best soap special I have ever seen yet it was made in....

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1975. It is cool but said because they are talking about how soaps are becoming increasingly popular with college students and men and how characters and villains are very 3D. The also mention about how women 10 year prior were not as strong. Also, Agnes makes a snark remark about the 60 minute expansion when they talk about how AW and DOOL are the first to do it!!

I HATE how daytime is the total opposite now!! This is a little OT I know but I am just so tired of being more interested about either past story lines or the behind the scenes chaos . I hate seeing the train wreck yet I just cant let go of the genre

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It is sad how soaps fell so far out of favor. The tabloid and celebrity and reality tv definitley played a key role in killing the soaps. They were no longer needed to be character driven drama hence the endless cliche storylines on all soaps.

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