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Top 10 Aus/UK Soap Characters


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Who are your all-time favourite soap characters? Here are my top 10 only from UK/Aus soaps:

1. Sally Fletcher - Home and Away

2. Ben Mitchell - EastEnders

3. Janine Butcher - EastEnders

4. Sharon Rickman/Watts - EastEnders

5. Celia Stewart - Home and Away

6. Harold Bishop - Neighbours

7. Marilyn Chambers - Home and Away

8. Sky Mangel - Neighbours

9. Phil Mitchell - EastEnders

10. Susan Kennedy - Neighbours

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I haven't watched enough of Home and Away or Neighbours so this will be strictly UK soaps ...

1. Pauline Fowler - EastEnders

2. Janine Butcher - EastEnders

3. Bet Lynch - Coronation Street

4. Annie Sugden - Emmerdale Farm

5. Charity Dingle - Emmerdale Farm

6. Kim Tate - Emmerdale Farm

7. Zoe Tate - Emmerdale Farm

8. Clare Devine - Hollyoaks

9. Sheila Grant - Brookside

10. Darren Osbourne - Hollyoaks

As you can see, my favourite character types are the matriarchal figure and the Super or Psycho bitches. And then there's my Darren blush.png

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1. Jerry Booth, Corrie

2. Sue Osman, Eastenders

3. Carol Jackson, Eastenders

4. Bet Lynch, Corrie

5. Elsie Tanner, Corrie

6. Annie and Jack Walker, Corrie

7. Max Cunningham and OB, Hollyoaks

8. Terry Woods, Emmerdale

9. Stephanie de la Dean, Hollyoaks

10. Colin Russell, best and most handsome gay character ever, Eastenders

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I think Carl should be punished for cheating with those pairs! It was hard enough as it is getting ones favourites down to 10. angry.png It's too bad poor Steph Forsythe couldn't make either of our lists.

Other Honourable Mentions (this'll be a long one): Annie Walker, Hilda Ogden, Elsie Tanner, Ena Sharples - Coranation Street

Den, Angie & Sharon Watts, David Wicks, Carol Branning, Bianca Jackson, Pat Butcher - EastEnders

Kathy Bates, Viv Windsor, Scott Windsor, Eric Pollard, The Sugden family - Emmerdale Farm

Mercedes, Myra, John Paul & Jacqui McQueen, Nancy & Becca Hayton, Cindy Cunningham, Max Cunningham, O.B. O'Brien, Zak Ramsey, Mandy Richardson, Steph, Craig, Frankie & Jake Dean, Malachy Fisher, Amy Barnes, Rhys, Josh & Hannah Ashworth - Hollyoaks

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I can't bear to order them in any particular way, so this is just a list of my top faves from the different UK/Aus soaps I've seen.

1. Minnie Caldwell (Coronation Street)

2. Annie Sugden (Emmerdale Farm)

3. Pat Evans (EastEnders)

4. Bea Smith (Prisoner)

5. Don Finlayson (Number 96)

6. Elizabeth Cunningham (Take the High Road)

7. Max Cunningham (Hollyoaks)

8. Susan Kennedy (Neighbours)

Honorable mentions:

Coronation Street: Annie Walker, Bet Lynch, Betty Turpin, Rita Sullivan, Hilda Ogden, Ray Langton, Blanche Hunt, Dennis Tanner, Mary Taylor, Gary Windass, Janice Battersby.

EastEnders: Janine Butcher, Carol Jackson, Darren Miller, Lou Beale.

Hollyoaks: Darren Osbourne, Stephanie Dean, John Paul McQueen.

Prisoner: Lizzie Birdsworth.

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Oh yes, Ray Langton. The last time Deirdre was likeable. Love Dennis too. This sad return appearance, which seems to have zero purpose (Collinson SUCKS and has killed Corrie), detracts.

I think Carl should be punished for cheating with those pairs! It was hard enough as it is getting ones favourites down to 10. angry.png It's too bad poor Steph Forsythe couldn't make either of our lists.

I forgot about her but she was fantastic.

I can't separate them. They were wonderful double acts. As incredible as Annie was she was never the same without Jack.

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    • Finally watched RHOM, and it was a packed episode.  First off, I agree that the women have plenty going on in their own lives that they don't need to be thrown together every episode for manufactured drama. I love seeing Guerdy doing her event planning, and Alexia basically breathing drama. She is a Bravo producer's dream in terms of her real life and her willingness to hold her own with the other women. She is the Alpha Dog. Secondly, I was ready to put Nicole in the one-and-done category, but she stepped it up this episode. First of all, the confrontation with her clearly-drunk dad which likely did not go the way she envisioned and was all the more organic because of it. Second, Nicole finally leaned into her inner Cubana -- you could hear it in her accent and greater use of Spanish with Alexia. I feel like this gave her toughness and allowed her to take on four women coming for her all dinner long. Now, do I think Marysol brought this up to thirstily keep the drama going and finally claim that mojito? Yes I do. Marysol is that HW. However, I 100% agree with you that Baby Nicole made a classic rookie mistake. She got involved in someone else's drama. And she talked out of turn about the women while Marysol took notes. She handled herself well but damage was done. Nicole did strike back with that 'Alexia talking about Marysol behind her back' comment. We will see how that shakes out next week, because Marysol looked like she believed it for a minute. Speaking of trying to land that mojito -- Adriana in the bath. Lord! And Julia soaping her back and ogling. I'm starting to think that Julia may not be very bright, although I did like her Voice of Reason throughout the dinner. Alexia spoke the Lord's Truth about Lisa bringing glam to the house. WTF? For a clambake where she wore jeans and a tank top? I love glamour and fashion and all that,  but glam-with-no-place-to-go has completely overtaken these shows in lieu of actual SLs, and it is completely ridiculous. I love that Alexia and Marysol did their own looks together and we got to see it. And this just echoes what an empty vessel Lisa is. All looks and fillers and nothing else. At least Larsa has a jewellery line to promote. The only thing I disagree on with you is Kiki. I love her fashion and hair looks. But she is like a ghost floating through this pack of women. When she said she needed to "caca," literally nobody reacted and I was like 'Do they not see her standing right there?' 
    • Surely Bravo is not so stupid as to keep this newbie non-entity in the face of audience and cast disgust?? Bravo knows that keeping and coddling Brandi Redmond for the whole season was absolutely the worst decision it made in terms of RHOD. It killed the show, and was only one in a series of shaky decisions about race that Bravo made last year, even as it tried to embrace more diversity. Jennie just isn't important to the show like the S1 cast are and can be quickly dispensed with. I think Bravo is hastily trying to film the fallout from this week, whereupon Jennie will be exiled from 'the group.' That's my speculation. There will be lingering repercussions, of course, namely Lisa's flimsy condemnation of Jennie compared with Jen and Heather. My question is, what happens with the rest of this current season? Not to mention Reunion which will probably feature Jennie quite a bit. Without Mary there, she likely controlled the narrative when it came to their beef. Is Bravo re-editing to minimize her role, or will they be front-loading Jennie attacking Mary so as to reinforce what an awful person she is? Honestly, Bravo just needs to film Jennie being dropped from the group, and maybe pause production for a few weeks while it assesses some newbies and gets its act together.  (P.S.: Speaking of RHOD, would love to see Tiffany and D'Andra pop up in SLC. For some reason, I think they'd be a good fit).  
    • Found Boyd Crawford but I struck out with the others. Please register in order to view this content
    • I guess 1985 when Jack hired Nikki as a Jabot model (which happened around Mar 85). Not sure when they slept together, but I believe there were plenty of smooches at Jabot. It was the same time Victor rescued Ashley. Also Matt turned up about the same time and he and Nikki definitely made eyes at each other too and eventually (though not until 1986) planned to marry. In 1986 Nikki went back and forth between Jack and Matt while remaining hopeful about Victor. 
    • Ryan Phillippe was a guest star on SNL tonight to help plug the new MacGruber show (the video is on their channel as I don't want to clog up the thread).
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