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Top 10 Aus/UK Soap Characters


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Who are your all-time favourite soap characters? Here are my top 10 only from UK/Aus soaps:

1. Sally Fletcher - Home and Away

2. Ben Mitchell - EastEnders

3. Janine Butcher - EastEnders

4. Sharon Rickman/Watts - EastEnders

5. Celia Stewart - Home and Away

6. Harold Bishop - Neighbours

7. Marilyn Chambers - Home and Away

8. Sky Mangel - Neighbours

9. Phil Mitchell - EastEnders

10. Susan Kennedy - Neighbours

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I haven't watched enough of Home and Away or Neighbours so this will be strictly UK soaps ...

1. Pauline Fowler - EastEnders

2. Janine Butcher - EastEnders

3. Bet Lynch - Coronation Street

4. Annie Sugden - Emmerdale Farm

5. Charity Dingle - Emmerdale Farm

6. Kim Tate - Emmerdale Farm

7. Zoe Tate - Emmerdale Farm

8. Clare Devine - Hollyoaks

9. Sheila Grant - Brookside

10. Darren Osbourne - Hollyoaks

As you can see, my favourite character types are the matriarchal figure and the Super or Psycho bitches. And then there's my Darren blush.png

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1. Jerry Booth, Corrie

2. Sue Osman, Eastenders

3. Carol Jackson, Eastenders

4. Bet Lynch, Corrie

5. Elsie Tanner, Corrie

6. Annie and Jack Walker, Corrie

7. Max Cunningham and OB, Hollyoaks

8. Terry Woods, Emmerdale

9. Stephanie de la Dean, Hollyoaks

10. Colin Russell, best and most handsome gay character ever, Eastenders

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I think Carl should be punished for cheating with those pairs! It was hard enough as it is getting ones favourites down to 10. angry.png It's too bad poor Steph Forsythe couldn't make either of our lists.

Other Honourable Mentions (this'll be a long one): Annie Walker, Hilda Ogden, Elsie Tanner, Ena Sharples - Coranation Street

Den, Angie & Sharon Watts, David Wicks, Carol Branning, Bianca Jackson, Pat Butcher - EastEnders

Kathy Bates, Viv Windsor, Scott Windsor, Eric Pollard, The Sugden family - Emmerdale Farm

Mercedes, Myra, John Paul & Jacqui McQueen, Nancy & Becca Hayton, Cindy Cunningham, Max Cunningham, O.B. O'Brien, Zak Ramsey, Mandy Richardson, Steph, Craig, Frankie & Jake Dean, Malachy Fisher, Amy Barnes, Rhys, Josh & Hannah Ashworth - Hollyoaks

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I can't bear to order them in any particular way, so this is just a list of my top faves from the different UK/Aus soaps I've seen.

1. Minnie Caldwell (Coronation Street)

2. Annie Sugden (Emmerdale Farm)

3. Pat Evans (EastEnders)

4. Bea Smith (Prisoner)

5. Don Finlayson (Number 96)

6. Elizabeth Cunningham (Take the High Road)

7. Max Cunningham (Hollyoaks)

8. Susan Kennedy (Neighbours)

Honorable mentions:

Coronation Street: Annie Walker, Bet Lynch, Betty Turpin, Rita Sullivan, Hilda Ogden, Ray Langton, Blanche Hunt, Dennis Tanner, Mary Taylor, Gary Windass, Janice Battersby.

EastEnders: Janine Butcher, Carol Jackson, Darren Miller, Lou Beale.

Hollyoaks: Darren Osbourne, Stephanie Dean, John Paul McQueen.

Prisoner: Lizzie Birdsworth.

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Oh yes, Ray Langton. The last time Deirdre was likeable. Love Dennis too. This sad return appearance, which seems to have zero purpose (Collinson SUCKS and has killed Corrie), detracts.

I think Carl should be punished for cheating with those pairs! It was hard enough as it is getting ones favourites down to 10. angry.png It's too bad poor Steph Forsythe couldn't make either of our lists.

I forgot about her but she was fantastic.

I can't separate them. They were wonderful double acts. As incredible as Annie was she was never the same without Jack.

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