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Can I buy AMC's 25th Anniversary because I taped over my copy


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I was watching my 25th anniversary tape and it was cut off at the Stevy Wonder celebrity snapshot then it went to the Last chance for romance episode when Jenny and Greg got married. I already have that one on DVD so I am wondering why I taped over my tape with that episode.

Anyway, does anyone know where I can buy a new copy of it?? At least I got the Stuart and Cindy montage.

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$1 million dollars. Bwhahahahah. Kidding. laugh.png I know I have it somewhere, but it will take me a while to dig it up.

A while back I put the special on a DVD but the DVD is so scratched up that I can get passed the first 15 minutes. Mother recorded the entire 25th Anniversary week plus the Opera special on one tape! I am still wondering how she got all of that their. She also has the 20th anniversary special that is in perfect condition. Heck, she even has a a tape of the week Tad proposed to Dixie in the Chicken suite and the week when tad came back!!!

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    • Please accept my apologies. Sometimes i get a bit loopy. The bad experiences i've had on here. Have done a real number on me. Thank you for the info.
    • I hope you buckle up and take Dramamine.  
    • Oh, I know. It's why I was be so adamant about anything on the Ericole roller coaster. 
    • Exactly!! No matter what actor is playing him, Nikolas has been sitting on the fence between  light and dark. And in the last few years he has been going dark, darker, darkest. That writing has definitely been on the wall. I thought it was very telling that Laura made a comment about her time on Cassandine Island that put that in perspective.   That was a great scene and Maura played that line to the hilt.    That is something I forgot to mention. The fact that while I too do not want Esme to be a heroine, I have to admit the actress is winning me over to her current state...the elusive tabula rasa. The audience is aware of who she is and what she has done, but in her current state, she has a remorse and common sense factor to her that does make her compiling in a way that Esme as vixen did not. One almost (note on ALMOST) do not want her to remember. That said...given SOD's February Sweeps info, it looked like she might be getting aimed at someone she should be aimed at, continuing to prove she should have never came out of that particular bubble of story. Even if the result if true, is typical of her current arc. 
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