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GH SID: Oh Boy! "MORE" Kate on the way?

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    • In addition to the four clip shows I counted previously, The Golden Girls had nine flashback episodes (when they moved in, unusual places they've slept, times they celebrated birthdays, moneymaking schemes, when they visited a therapist, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, times they got ready for a springtime party and bad dates). The flashback episodes have some of the show's best moments, but I've often wondered if they were used as a way to include scenes/jokes that just couldn't sustain their own episode.
    • Please register in order to view this content The fact that she can stand there and say that with a straight face after what happened in Uvalde clearly shows how completely clueless these people are.
    • Please register in order to view this content   DORIS DALTON    RADIO   FRONT PAGE FARRELL    Nora Waterman  1951 KING'S ROW     Patient ROMANCE     The Voice of Romance THIS IS NORA DRAKE         Vivian Jarrett      YOUNG WIDDER BROWN Alice Cameron Smith 1948      UNKNOWN ROLES THE FORD THEATER THE HENRY MORGAN SHOW LORA LAWTON       1943                                  1946 MY TRUE STORY     1955 ONE FOOT IN HEAVEN      THE RIGHT TO HAPPINESS     1943 THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT        1950 THE STRANGE ROMANCE OF EVELYN WINTERS        1946 THEATER OF ROMANCE WHEN A GIRL MARRIES       1955 WHISPERING STREETS         1955 YOU ARE THERE   TELEVISION   SEARCH FOR TOMORROW      Aunt Cornelia Tate Simmons Twining   1958-60 FROM THESE ROOTS     Aunt Mildred Fraser Barnes   1961                       KEN GRIFFIN   RADIO   MARY NOBLE BACKSTAGE WIFE   Larry Noble THE GUIDING LIGHT     Ed Greenman                                  Edward Cunningham                                          Dr. Paul Burton JACK ARMSTRONG ALL-AMERICAN BOY    Vic Hardy KITTY KEENE             Charles Williams MA PERKINS      Jeffrey Powell     1946 MANHATTAN MOTHER     Lawrence Locke    MYRT AND MARGE          Darrell Moore PETER QUILL        Captain Roger  Dorn THE ROAD OF LIFE    Dr. James "Jim" Brent THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT   Gil Whitney  1944 THE WOMAN IN WHITE     Dr. Paul Burton   UNKNOWN ROLES DESTINATION FREEDOM SECURITY AGENT, U. S. A. THE SPIKE JONES SHOW                   IVOR FRANCIS   RADIO   MARY NOBLE BACKSTAGE WIFE       Victor Stratton FRONT PAGE FARRELL Wesley Ward 1952 JUST PLAIN BILL    Leslie Groves    1949 MA PERKINS         Joe Perkins      (7 years) STELLA DALLAS      Oliver Faxon     1951 THE STRANGE ROMANCE OF EVELYN WINTERS   Bruce Holiday     1951     UNKNOWN ROLES ABC MYSTERY TIME AMERICAN PORTRAITS BEST PLAYS CBS RADIO WORKSHOP THE CAVALCADE OF AMERICA THE CHASE DAVID HARUM       1948 EASY MONEY THE FORD THEATER MGM THEATER OF THE AIR MY TRUE STORY     OUR GAL SUNDAY         1949                                      1952 RADIO CITY PLAYHOUSE THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT        1949 SECRET MISSION STUDIO ONE SUSPENSE THEATER FIVE WHISPERING STREETS      1955 X-MINUS ONE YOUNG WIDDER BROWN            1949 YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR   TELEVISION    SEARCH FOR TOMORROW       Doctor      Unknown Year AS THE WORLD TURNS      Mr. __ Bundy    pre-1963 THE EDGE OF NIGHT         Unknown Role     pre-1963 DARK SHADOWS       Dr. Franklin       1967 DAYS OF OUR LIVES     Harry Larson     1969 BRIGHT PROMISE      Professor Mitchell     1969-70 RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE       Greg Whalen   1972-73 MARY HARTMAN, MARY HARTMAN          Judge Stanley     1976 EXECUTIVE SUITE     Dr. Mayhill        1976 GENERAL HOSPITAL   Jason Craig     1977                                        Dr. Eric Lombard      1979   also.....     ROOM 222          Kenneth Dragen      1969-74 DUSTY'S TRAIL          Carson Brookhaven      1973-74 LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE      Varnum     1977 THE WALTONS          Professor Hoadley        1975; 1979                                     Dean Raymond Beck     1980-81     KEN CHRISTY  coming up.
    • RHUGT  2: Having heard the rumors, I was trepidatious about watching a show devolving into a hot drunken mess. But I was pleasantly surprised by the structure to the HWs' days. And by some of the HWs themselves. Love Eva, Phaedra and Taylor. Eva surprised me: she has the right positive energy and strength to hold the cast together. So does Phaedra. If Phaedra returns to ATL, I'd be down with it. She has the right mix of kooky with reasonableness and humor. Taylor also had this calmness, strength and sensitivity that I always felt grounded BH. TayShana was let go too soon and BH wanting to prioritise wealth and fame has never recovered.  On the fence: Dorinda, Jill, Tamra. Dorinda wants to return to RHONY triumphant, and that is clear. Not sure she has reflected enough on her behaviour though I do like her hosting the show. We will see if she goes full pantomime with her RH persona. Jill always worked best as a pot-stirrer one on one. She can't marshall a group, or maybe she has mellowed since RHONY. Tamra is too cautious and wedded to Vicki who drags her down. I wanted Vicki to return to OC, but now I'm not so sure. Negative Nelly. Brandi, I wanted to dislike, and it's early days still. But grudgingly she Is winning me over. When she's not an evil drunken crazy person, she can be charming, winning and funny. A natural heroine almost. I miss that energy from BH. But not her other hang-ups. We will see.
    • Please register in order to view this content   TOM GALANTICH LOVING           Plainclothes Policeman       1992 AS THE WORLD TURNS     Emile Seblon      1992 ANOTHER WORLD       W. F. Reynolds     Newsman    1993 AS THE WORLD TURNS     Hank Volpe    1995                                        Erik     2004                                  Dr. Swann     2005 ONE LIFE TO LIVE       Mark Casey     2006-07 ALL MY CHILDREN      Dr. ____    Chappell   2009 and LAW AND ORDER      Joe Chappell      2008-09 WeCRASHED        Carl the Board Member      2022                       ANGELA PIETROPINTO THE EDGE OF NIGHT      Nurse     1982 ALL MY CHILDREN     Jean Slocum     1988 SWAN'S CROSSING    Baroness CondaDaena   1992 THE GUIDING LIGHT       Linda in a support group    Unknown Year                    Sister Catherine  the nun      Unknown Year ANOTHER WORLD       Connie ____ Corelli    1994-95 AS THE WORLD TURNS      Eunice       1995 and SHOW ME A HERO       Ann Wasicsko    2015                     MICHAEL PATTERSON AS THE WORLD TURNS        Dr. Steve Freeman   1995                Ian Spangler     Unknown Year ONE LIFE TO LIVE      Dr. Kenneth Haver      2004                            George Reston     2005-06
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