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Zero Hour: Discussion Thread


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As the publisher of a paranormal enthusiast magazine, Modern Skeptic, Hank Galliston has spent his career following clues, debunking myths and solving conspiracies. A confessed paranormal junkie, his motto is “logic is the compass.” But when his beautiful wife, Laila (Jacinda Barrett), is abducted from her antique clock shop, Hank gets pulled into one of the most compelling mysteries in human history, stretching around the world and back centuries.

Contained in one of his wife’s clocks is a treasure map, and what it leads to could be cataclysmic. Now it’s up to Hank to decipher the symbols and unlock the secrets of the map, while ensuring the answers don’t fall into the wrong hands – a man they call White Vincent (Michael Nyqvist). With his two young associates, Rachel (Addison Timlin) and Arron (Scott Michael Foster), in tow, along with Becca Riley, a sexy FBI agent (Carmen Ejogo), Hank will lead them on a breathless race against the clock to find his wife and save humanity.

“Zero Hour” stars Anthony Edwards (“Big Sur,” “Flipped,” “ER”) as Hank, Carmen Ejogo (“Sparkle,” “Chaos,” “Away We Go”) as Beck, Scott Michael Foster (“Californication,” “The River”) as Aaron, Addison Timlin (“Californication”) as Rachel, Jacinda Barrett (“Matching Jack,” “Middle Men,” “New York, I Love You”) as Laila and Michael Nyqvist (“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Patrol”) as White Vincent.

“Zero Hour” was written by Paul T. Scheuring (“Prison Break”) who is also an executive producer along with Pierre Morel, Lorenzo DiBonaventura (“The Transformers,” “GI: Joe” franchise, “Salt,” “Red”) and Dan McDermott (“Human Target”). The pilot for “Zero Hour” was directed by Pierre Morel. The series is produced by ABC Studios.

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This show is so getting canceled. Poor scheduling and poor promotion. It looks more like a movie than an ongoing series...hell, they should have dubbed it as a mini series. It's basically "Missing" without the CIA and a missing child in the works. Now it's just about finding out why his wife was taken over some box she found. MOVIE! Bad decision to greenlight this Paul Lee!

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And it's gone. I admit, I never even gave it a chance, it just seemed SOOOOO ridiculous, and not in a way that I found intriguing.


One thing I think most of these network TV shows that, post Lost, want to try to recapture that sci-fi "mythology" niche fan market while also appealing to a broad network audience fail to get is that Lost, for all its fault, initially got audiences with a hook that people can relate to. OK, few people are in plane crashes, and fewer still survive and end up on a deserted island--but it's something most people who have flown have at least some concept or relatability to in theory (and I say that as someone who was not the biggest Lost fan.) Abductions that involve mysteries about clocks is not the same kind of hook for a large audience. Maybe if it was done cleverly enough it could entice people to see it played out as a movie, but for a TV show--one that needs to get network level ratings and demos, it doesn't work...

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