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NBC 2012 Mid-Season Schedule


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NBC 2012 Mid-Season Schedule


7pm: Dateline (January 8)

8pm: Harry's Law (March 4)

9pm: The Celebrity Apprentice (February 12)


8pm: The Voice (February 6; February 5th after the Super Bowl)

10pm: Smash (February 6)


8pm: The Biggest Loser (January 3)

10pm: Parenthood (season finale on February 28)

10pm: Fashion Star (March 13)


8pm: Whitney (January 11)

8:30pm: Are You There, Chelsea? (January 11)

9pm: Rock Center with Brian Williams (February 8)

10pm: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit


8pm: 30 Rock (January 12)

8:30pm: Parks and Recreation

9pm: The Office

9:30pm: Up All Night (January 12)

10pm: The Firm (January 12; Two-hour premiere on Sunday January 8)


8pm: Who Do You Think You Are? (February 3)

9pm: Grimm

10pm: Dateline NBC

No timeslot yet for: Awake (Drama), Bent (Comedy), BFFs (Comedy)

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I love Community but I don't blame them for finally moving (possibly cancelling) the show. Getting mid 1's in demos is not a good way to start off the night. This is probably the show's last season. :(

Damn, no timeslot yet for Awake. I'm looking forward to that show.

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About time NBC pulled Community, placing a show as low rated that to start off the night is not smart. I suspect it will get a 4th season though. It's close to syndication and Sony, who owns it has shown a willingness to give away it's shows for practically free to get a final mercy renewel (Ex: 'Til Death and Chuck).

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Yeah, I expect Community to return and to also get a 4th (and final) season. It's a show that belongs on Comedy Central or cable. Just like Parks and Recreation. Both pretty good shows just struggling on a big network that's airing very niche programming.

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