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AMC: Tuesday, July 19th

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Wow - there are so many characters on today! This is great. They wouldn't even fit in my subtitle above!

Love seeing Liza again - so sad that she's been on backburner cafe the past few months.

Angie looks great today!

Dixie is getting her strength back! :)

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OMG, Jessica STFU! Im sick of him getting on Liza's case about stuff from years ago

Where do you get that he hates Dixie? He loves her in his sick mind. Actually more like an obsession


I hate Amanda's hair like this. She looks like Opal


His reaction to Minx. He is so adorable

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Ugh, I didn't really like David's comment to Dixie... sounds like he's bitter for her not loving him and always fighting him. I hope he's over her romantically.

Looks like Liza is on to Jesse and his secret? Btw, I guess they dropped the Cara/Jake finding out about Jesse's secret. They were in total investigative mode in the beginning, and then suddenly dropped that.

Really love all the characters on today - someone gets at least one storyline they love. No airhogs.

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    • Sure has been nice the past few days to see a show that resembles Y&R.  And yes, it'll be jarring to go back to the desolate, tumbleweed version of Genoa City.  
    • Great to hear Leslie Charleson's voice the other day.   It's still March, isn't it?  I see April's thread was already started again too early. Just wondering what the rush was before I get chastised  for mentioning  this again...  or my post gets removed again.   <coughs>
    • THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS   Photographer   3/24/2023     had a few lines     Jhey Castles @jcar03  for your counts
    • Gosh I feel so spoiled by this episode with a big moment with a lot of the cast AND extras. These gala episodes are going to make when we go back to empty hotels, empty crimson lights, and empty society; extremely jarring.
    • Nadia has been speculated for months to be leaving.    The reason is because she and her husband bought property on the East Coast in 2022 and had begun living there at least part time starting at the end of 2022.   That's what has fueled the speculation.  But other cast live out of state and still work at DAYS.  Greg Vaughan is on contract.  He said in last week's SOD that he lives in Texas with his three sons, and moved his mother into his Texas home with them.  He said he flies to LA to tape at DAYS - usually taping three days a week Tues.Wed.Thurs.  That way he can be in Texas for his sons for sports and school activities Fri.Sat.Sun.Mon.   He says sometimes DAYS wants him for more than three days, and he finds a way to do it. I have no idea what Nadia actually plans to do regarding DAYS.
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