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Ringer: Discussion Thread


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I think they will just cancel it, the ratings are horrendous, even for CW.

Yep, most likely. TheCW's ratings are beyond dreadful. Some of those new poorly rated shows have got to go.

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I stuck with the entire season even though I started to dislike the show as the series went on. There was one episode that I really hated where they used the tactic of, "Can you tell me what that was again?" "Ohh...it was this...." It happened at least four times in that episode.

Since I need Nikita to be renewed, Ringer will be one of the shows I root for it to be canceled (along with Gossip Girl, Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie. 90210, TVD and Supernatural will be renewed). If somehow the show gets renewed, I won't be watching it again.

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