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DAYS: Kristian Alfonso/Hope Williams Brady Lovers Thread


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Count me in to-I have always loved Kristian and she has been AWESOME of late.

Among my favorite moments of hers are:

-her wedding to Bo.

-her reaction when Doug had a heart attack

-when Bo kidnapped her from Larry Welch

-her death in the cage.

-her as the real Princess Gina (didn't care too much for when she was brainwashed into being Gina)

-her reunion with Bo in Paris and after he rescued her from the castle.

-her during the baby switch.

-her kidnapping by Larry and the PTS storyline.

-her acting during the SSK story (especially Doug and Alice's deaths)

-her escapades on the island in 2004.

-and the biggest one-the Zach story currently.

I love her!!!

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I'll never forget the episode when Bo, Hope/Gina, Doug and Julie were in Paris together. As a way to bring Hope back, Doug sang to her... "You Must've Been A Beautiful Baby." Cue a long montage. As the montage finishes and Doug completes his song, a single tear trickles down Hope's cheek as Julie watches in tears and Bo watches happily, each of them realizing for that one moment they had Hope back.

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