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OLTL : Bring Back Bad Starr

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marceline, though I share the sentiment with Carl's post, my post was actually in response to yours (I try to get in quick without having to crowd the board with fat reply posts, but I am often too slow :P ).

Monty, I hear you, I think the trick would be just how nuanced it was written and acted. I kind of imagined marceline's scenario as if I was watching KA still armed with her South Jersey/Philly accent playing a Tina-esque Starr, with shades of your classic "Love to Hate" soap vixen. A little like what we saw with Kim. But at any rate, written and acted with irresistable spunk/charisma/humor, someone who you understood even if you didn't agree with, someone who had a brain and knew better yet still took the low road, someone who you talked back to the TV to...

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Didn't Starr recently express an interest in being pre-med? I could have sworn I remember her saying that.

I like KA well enough. I think the idea of letting her grow up in the role was a good one, it happens so rarely. I think it connects the audience to the character more deeply. I like having someone on the show who looks like a real teenager.

For me, the problem was putting her in "adult" stories too soon. When ES wrote about it being uncomfortable to watch a 15 year old KA in love scenes I was glad she spoke up, not that it changed anything. Sure, it happens IRL, but that doesn't mean I want to watch it on a soap. KA still has a baby face, that will change soon enough, but until then the less I see of her in bed the better. There is so much more they could have done with her, if only someone with some imagination were in charge.

I do think that either Starr or Dani has to become a little bit more of a schemer. Having both of Todd's daughter's being good girl heroines is a total waste, imo.

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