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Here's another list to enjoy!, From the January 9, 1990 SOD!


AMC- Adam Chandler Jr.

AW- Steven Michael Frame

ATWT- Kathryn Ann Peretti

B&B- Mark Lynley

DOOL- Alexander Curtis Hannah

GH- Lucas Jones, Thomas Steven Hardy

Loving-Cabot Alexander Alden, Heather Rose Donovan

OLTL- Steven Holden McGillis

SB- Adriana Castillo, Mikey Donnelly

Y&R-Nicholas Newman


AMC-Cindy Chandler, Marissa Rampal

AW-Mac Cory, Jason Frame, Catherine March

ATWT-Mel Asher, Jennifer Hobart, Glenn Harrington, Edith Kramer, Jeff Dolan, Derek Mason, James Stenback

B&B-Dr. Todd

DOOL-Eddie Reed, Tommy Kameha, Saul Taylor, Marina Toscano

Dynasty-Ellsworth Chisolm

FC-Anna Cellini, Maggie Channing, R.D. Young

GH-Althea Cartwright Malone, Edward Quartermaine, Paul Devore, David McAllister, Randall Tucker, Victor Jerome

Generations-Hugh Gardner

GL-Meredith's Baby, Rose Shayne, Will Jeffries

KL-Jill Bennett, Rick Hawkins, Yoshio Mayeda

Loving-Charles Hartman, Dan Hollister, Jolie Cumson

OLTL-Leo Cromwell, Alicia Grande, Garrick Grande, Chester the chicken farmer

Austin Buchanan

SB-Jack the bum, Zack Kelton, Nanny Katherine, Mr. Wainwright (Julia and Augusta's father), Hollis Castillo, Leo Mitchell, Jerry Calhoun, Tonell

Y&R-Phillip Chancellor, George Rawlins, Derek Stuart, Jessica Grainger


AMC-Cecily Davison and Sean Cudahy (Broken), Melanie Cortlandt and David Rampal (Broken), Angie Hubbard and Cliff Warner (Broken), Dixie Conney and Tad Martin, Brooke English and Adam Chandler (second)

B&B-Brooke Logan and Ridge Forrester (Broken)

GH-Katherine Delafield and Paul Devore(broken) Katherine Delafield and Robert Scorpio

Loving-Trisha Allen and Trucker McKenzie (broken)

OLTL-Brenda McGillis and Larry Wolek, Sarah Gordon and Bo Buchanan, Gabrielle Medina and Michael Grande (broken)

SB-Heather Donnelly and Scott Clark (broken), Gina Timmons and Sonny Sprockett/Mason Capwell (broken), Celeste DiNapoli and Scott Clark (broken)

Y&R-Traci Carlton and Tim Sullivan (broken), Lauren Fenmore and Scott Grainger


AMC-Cecily Davidson and Nico Kelly (Twice), Dixe Cooney and Adam Chandler, Barbara Montgomery and Tom Cudahy. Natalie and Jeremy Hunter

AW-Vicky Hudson and Jamie Frame, Sharlene Frame and John Hudson

ATWT-Meg Snyder and Josh Landy, Lily Walsh and Derek Mason, Shannon O'Hara and Duncan McKechnie

B&B-Margo Lynley and Bill Spencer

Dallas-Cally Harper and J.R. Ewing

DOOL-Anjelica Deveraux and Neil Curtis, April Ramirez and Nick Correlli

Dynasty-Blake and Krystle Carrington (remarriage)

FC-Emma Channing and R.D. Young, Angela Channing and Frank Agretti, Pilar Oretga and Lance Cumson, Emma Channing and Charley St. James

GH-Tiffany Hill and Sean Donely, Felcia Jones and Colton Shore, Bobbie Spencer and Troy Jones

GL-Harley Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding, Sarah Shayne and Hawk Shayne, Rose McLaren and Rusty Shayne, Reva Shayne and Josh Lewis, Blake Lindsey and Phillip Spaulding

KL-Oliva Cunningham and Harold Dyer, Abby Ewing and Greg Sumner

Loving-Trisha Alden and Jeff Hartman, Stacey Forbes and Rick Alden

SB-Julia Wainwright and Mason Capwell, Emily DiNapoli and Greg Capwell

Y&R-Nina Webster and Phillip Chancellor, Jessica Abbott and Dr. Jim Grainger


AMC-Erica and Travis Montgomery, Donna and Benny Sago, Brooke and Adam Chandler, Dixie and Adam Chandler

ATWT-Meg and Tonio Reyes

Dallas-Sue Ellen and J.R. Ewing

DOOL-Anjelica Deveraux and Neil Curtis

Dynasty-Dana and Adam Carrington

GH-Bobbie and Jake Meyer, Lucy and Tony Jones, Felicia Shore and Frisco Jones

KL-Abby and Greg Sumner

Loving-Stacey and Rick Alden(annulment)

SB- Kelly and Jeffrey Conrad

Y&R Jessica and John Abbott


ATWT-Julie Wendall (aborted)

Dynasty-Sable Colby (end of show)

GH-Cheryl Stansbury

Generations-Doreen Jackson


AMC-Julie Chandler

ATWT-Shannon O'Hara

B&B-Brooke Logan

OLTL-Sarah Gordon


AMC-Erica Kane

ATWT-James Stenback, Sierra Montgomery


DOOL-Marina Toscano

GH-Frisco Jones

Generations-Jason Craig

GL-Roger Thorpe, Beth Raines

Loving-Clay Alden

SB-Mason Capwell, Bunny Tagliatti

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AMC-Erica Kane

So I assume this is referring to when Erica was tired of living the life of a star and wanted to be like “normal people”, so she disappeared from Pine Valley with Bianca and started working at that roadside diner using the alias “Sally”?

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So I assume this is referring to when Erica was tired of living the life of a star and wanted to be like “normal people”, so she disappeared from Pine Valley with Bianca and started working at that roadside diner using the alias “Sally”?

that happened? I never knew that Erica ever "died"

Do you know why Natalie and Jeremy divorced?

So there was already a Marissa on AMC before? Was she at least more interesting than the 2009 edition that came 20 years later?

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So there was already a Marissa on AMC before? Was she at least more interesting than the 2009 edition that came 20 years later?

I don't know much about the story, but this Marissa was played by Nancy Addison Altman (who was fresh off of RH at the time).

Here's a write-up from the PVB:


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She was more interesting, for the simple fact that she was played by NAA. Although Nancy was a recast, the first Marissa was Nicole Orth-Pallavicini who was the last Melinda on One Life. NAA made it "pop". She had a son, David Rampal and she was involved with Jeremy, my memories are also vague, but she was sneaky.

I remember Erica at the diner with her hair in a ponytail and all, but I didn't remember it as her "dying", I thought she was just MIA. At first I thought that was a typo and they meant Eric Kane.

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This was before I started watching full-time, so some of the details escape me. If I can remember, I think Travis hired someone to stalk Erica -- Steven Andrews??? Erica assumed she was being stalked because of her star status; she was fearful for her life (along with Bianca’s), so she just vanished from PV and found work at some hick diner under the name "Sally". I remember Erica in her waitress uniform -- it was pink... and she turned up the collar. LOL! Maybe some people in PV assumed Erica was dead...? Or you could be right and it’s a typo. Eric Kane returned from the dead that year as "Barney the Clown"! I swear, before "It", there was Barney! *SHUTTER*

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I hated that they killed off Eric a few years ago for what looked like a lame attempt to get our Susan another Emmy. There was some mileage there, the man had never even met Kendall, and then they retconned him to be this Victor Lord-like monster. ABC Daytime is allergic to good fathers.

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I agree. There was much story potential (with tremendously powerful scenes) in keeping him alive. I thought the original story, first learned in 1993, already made Erica’s father into a monster. It was horrific enough -- negligent father leaving his daughter alone with a known pedophile, movie actor Richard Fields, on her 14th birthday. But then they changed it to Erica’s father “selling” his daughter to a pedophile on the condition that Fields appear in a film that Eric will be directing.

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    • Every time I see FV or LW interviewed about Carly's upcoming storylines, they always say "...and of course Carly stomps in and throws her weight around, because that's Carly being Carly!" Basically, the show has a specific, one-dimensional view of the character, and they keep it simple like that because they assume that fans live for Carly 'kicking ass' and being a 'boss.' And LW, who is both popular and polarizing, delivers on that characterization.  GH missed a trick with the Jason wedding. Jason has always been the one who got away. Sonny was kind of Carly's second choice back in the day because Jason never really wanted her. And Carly was able to suppress that rejection because she had Jason emotionally tied to her via Michael for years. She put up with being friend-zoned for +2 decades, but the wedding should have been the dam breaking for her, where finally, FINALLY, Jason was going to be all hers. Finally she had another chance to make him fall in love with her the way she had always been with him. And then Sonny comes back, and of course she HAS to get back with Sonny but... And thereupon we have new storyline of five people featuring Carly, Jason Britt, Sonny and Nina, and with Carly perhaps no longer willing to keep her frustrated desire under lock-and-key anymore.  And with Jason presumed dead, this could literally send her on an emotional rollercoaster as she is forced to come to terms with this second chance having been stolen from her again. Anyhoo, I'm doing what a lot of viewers do which is "If I was HWing this sh!t..."
    • I wouldn't put the demise of Miami all at Adriana's door. She wasn't the only one lying -- Joanna marrying Romain reeked of insta-TV wedding. Honestly, I blame production for pushing 'Duelling Weddings' as THE ONLY storyline sustaining 16 episodes. Weddings aren't quite the draw Bravo thinks they are, and it was boring watching hours of these chicks trying on dresses, etc. Season 3 suffered from: -a reduced wider cast; -No Mama Elsa (a major factor IMO); -no lightening-rod Karent; -increased toxicity amongst the women.  By the end, most of the cast clearly couldn't stand each other, or were drumming up a bunch of insta-fights (Lisa vs Joanna, Marysol's never-ending hounding of Lea). Lea was ready to peace out of the franchise altogether before it even ended. Reunion was a disaster because the rest of the cast were desperate to make S4 happen and just threw anything at the wall to see what stuck. Adriana, whatever you may think about her, was highly dramatic and a big pot-stirrer. I think she deserves a spot more than Larsa, but we will see how the Miami reboot shakes out. I do worry that we haven't seen any trailer or promo for this, unlike RHUGT which was trailed over a month in advance.
    • It helps that Ben doesn't have a long history with John (they've barely interacted) + it plays into the stroke John had which led to him having outbursts. So it's not completely out of the realm that Ben would believe her and even think it was possible because of above factors.
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