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Characters You Wouldn't Mind Seeing "Return From the Dead"

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Okay, so there has been a lot of talk on the board about how a lot of people are not a fan of "bringing people back from the dead" on soaps. While I agree that in many cases it is unnecessary, and boring, there are some characters I would be perfectly thrilled to see brought back from the dead.

So, what are some characters you would like to see brought back from the dead, and if YOU could, how would you write them to be alive?

Here's the one that first pops into my head:


Georgie - She is a legacy character, who had so much more potential to be a substantial character in the shows history then Maxie ever had/has. I would write this in by having Felecia return permanently return to town to focus on rebuilding her relationship with Maxie. Obviously the story would begin with the strenuous nature of them rebuilding their relationship, and so on and so on for however long. And then..

Felecia receives a letter in the mail with no return address reading: "I have something of yours...I'm sure you want it back." She recruits Mac to help her figure out what it is. They try to trace the source of the letter, but end up at a complete dead end. Later, the same anonymous sender sends a picture of a woman. It is a profile shot, and Maxie/Mac/Felecia all realize the woman looks startlingly like Georgie. Thinking they are being messed with, Mac decides to end his part in the search. Felecia calls Anna and Robert, who agree to help her. Robin also decides to pitch in, hoping Georgie could be alive, and excited to be able to play investigator again. They continue their investigation of the photo, and find out (with the help of Spinelli) that the photo was taken with a camera only manufactured in France. This leads them to believe that this anonymous person is hiding there.

However, Felecia receives another letter saying "Times wasting away...And you're going to wrong way" This startles them into a frenzied search. Maxie, who has since developed a budding friendship with Michael, shows Michael the picture she believes to be of Georgie, and Michael instantly recognizes a piece of elaborate artwork in the background of the photo, from his stay in MEXICO with Kristina. He struggles to recall the name of the resort, but later remembers and gives the name to Felecia and Maxie, reinstating Mac's hope that Georgie could be alive.

Mac, Felecia, Maxie, Anna, Robert, Michael and Robin head out to the resort in Mexico in hopes of getting some closure in the situation. When they get to the resort, Felecia is shocked to find someone from her past there. Felecia reveals that the man she is so shocked to see is Redding Bransley. She reveals that many years ago she and Frisco helped take him down. Years later, Redding wanted revenge on Frisco and Felecia, so he killed 8 women resembling Felecia, whose first initials, if put in the right order spelled “Felecia”. He did the same, killing six men, to spell out Frisco’s name. He framed the crimes on another man, and the FBI shut down the case. Later, Frisco and Felecia received a letter saying “It’s not over yet”. They took it to the FBI, but they insisted that the letter had been sent before the framed man’s death. Frisco and Felecia were uncertain, but eventually settled with the fact, when no further threats were sent.

Redding admitted that he had been planning revenge on them once more. He went to Port Charles, Frisco and Felecia’s former stomping grounds, to look for things he could use against them. He learned of the Text Message Killer, and spent much time figuring out the TMK’s killing pattern, so he could make sure he sent Georgie to interfere with the TMK in the park, forcing Diego (TMK) to “kill” her for being in the way.

After Diego stopped strangling her, assuming she was dead, Redding swept in and administered her a drug, which was illegal in the USA. The drug dropped her pulse to extremely low levels, and paid off several paramedics to pronounce her dead. He knew that her pulse would be so extremely low, and her breathing so infrequent, that anyone crying over her body would be unable to tell she was still alive. The drug had put her into a purposely induced coma. He had her swept off to the morgue, and continued injecting her with the drug. When the funeral arrangements were made, and he was assured that the funeral would be closed-coffin, he switched her body and made away with Georgie.

He hired an evil nurse to take care of Georgie in her coma, and hatched a plan. However, he was later arrested for a previous crime he had committed, and served two years in jail, explaining the delay in the plan. When he was released, he injected Georgie with the anecdote and woke her up, but later injected her with two drugs: one to induce her into a paralyzed state from the waist down and one to give her temporary amnesia. He spent almost a year convincing her that he was her father and that she had been in an accident.

He later began sending the hints to Felecia, and at the same time, he gave Georgie back her movement in her legs, and slowly gave her memories back (to torture her), by injecting anecdotes with both drugs.

When they showed up to save Georgie, after he explained all of this, he injects Georgie with a drug that will kill her in 3 hours, unless someone can find the anecdote. Eventually, after a long mission, Anna discovers the anecdote. They inject it to Georgie. She wakes up remembering everything and is thrilled to be back.

Redding walks in and immediately shoots Robert, then aims at Georgie. Robin throws herself on him and fights for the gun. It goes off, shooting and killing Redding immediately.

The gang reunites with Georgie and takes her back to Port Charles to resume her life…

I know it’s a little farfetched…But it could work…What do you guys think?

More to come as I think of them!

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Y&R:That guy that stalked Lauren and buried her alive, it would at least be more logical than this story that she's currently in.

Shawn. And i couldnt agree more.

Hell, even if they went with the bullshit story they have now using Shawns sister over Sheilas would have worked better, IMHO.

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