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ABC Daytime: Job Opening

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I thought this job profile for a current opening at ABC Daytime was rather interesting. It's for the director of programming for GH (but it also says at the bottom that this person may have some input at AMC as well). The directors of programming (Sue Johnson for AMC and OLTL and, until now, Sara Saedi for GH) are essentially the VPs of daytime ever since Frons eliminated that position.

I would love to have this job lol.I don't have 5-10 years of network programming experience, but I would do it for free!


Director, Programming Daytime


The position serves as the network’s creative liaison between the show “General Hospital” and the Company. Manage show activities including: giving notes to writers and producers on story outlines, long term story projections, and scripts. Read story outlines in a timely manner and email notes to show’s head writer and executive producer. This may require some work during the weekend.


• Participate in weekly meetings with the show’s writing team and executive producer to ensure story outlines are revised based on network notes.

• Act as the network’s point person for the show, interact with upper management and various departments, such as promotions, publicity, digital, sales and research on show activities.

• Pitch long term story projections to various network departments in monthly programming meetings.

• Create and distribute weekly beat sheets to provide network with detailed story information.

• Work with Marketing and Publicity department to develop weekly on-air promo and PR pitches.

• Update network on recent story outlines in weekly staff meetings.

• Work with production department to discuss changes and adjustments to show budgets.

• Read writing samples from potential new writers in conjunction with Daytime Talent Development executive.

• Troubleshoot day-to-day activities of show productions. Assist with resolutions as needed.

• Build relationships with agents and writing talent.

• Stay on top of relevant news stories and current events that may help inform storyline ideas for the show. Pitch storyline ideas as needed.

• Work closely with research department to help facilitate weekly and quarterly testing. Attend focus groups when necessary.

• Help facilitate special projects including ancillary products, promotional sweepstakes, and giveaways.

• Work with Sales on promotional opportunities and present sponsorship integrations to the show producers.


Work Experience


• A minimum of 5 years of experience in Network Programming

• Strong working knowledge of the business and creative aspects of producing a show

• Able to interact with all levels of management


• A minimum of 10 years of related work experience

Skills & Abilities


• Able to assume a strategic leadership role while displaying strong analytical skills and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

• Able to work effectively within a team and collaborate with peers, subordinates, superiors, and with a special emphasis on communicating creative goals and the value of the programming to various constituents.



• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience

Additional Information

May also provide network creative advice for All My Children

Job Location: Burbank, CA

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  • Participate in weekly meetings with the show’s writing team and executive producer to ensure story outlines are revised based on network notes.

LOL, talk about network interference. Frons' way or the highway.

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It says something about the Daytime Talent Development program. I didn't know that was still in existence.

I was surprised by that as well. But I found this site for it, which is current.


The New York-based ABC Daytime Writer Development Program was created over 10 years ago as a means of identifying and cultivating writers specifically interested in the daytime television genre. The program is open to all individuals; however, experienced television writers or candidates with a strong writing background in another medium are preferred.

About the Program

The program affords applicants an opportunity to learn about the creative process for daytime television – from the first stages of the breakdown process to final script. With the guidance of ABC Daytime executives and various producers, writers are trained to hone in on the unique serialized structure of scripted daytime programming. Writers should also be able to convey a diverse and unique point of view in their material. Familiarity with the series’ history, storylines and characters of All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital is suggested, but not required. The program duration is determined on a case-by-case basis.

When to Apply

Applications to this program are accepted year-round.

How to Apply

Please email [email protected] to request submission instructions, an application and release form. DO NOT submit writing material to this email address. No work will be considered until the required application and release form are received.


In addition to the required application and release form, applicants must submit a strong, original script along with a logline that summarizes the concept – plays, screenplays or teleplays are preferred. Scripts based upon ABC programming will not be accepted.

Material that is read is evaluated in several areas, including: characterization; uniqueness of voice; and emotional engagement. Only ABC Daytime executives read submissions which are evaluated solely as writing samples. All writing samples are eventually returned as no copies will be retained by the network. Applicants must be able to legally work in the United States.

I believe Sue Johnson is in charge of it.

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