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GL Actor to OLTL?

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I think it'd be great casting. My fear, though, is that by Fronsian order they would immediately turn Joey into Cosgrove's Bill, an edgy, smarmy sort of guy. It would be one thing if sensitive curate Joey lost his faith for a time, but I think what makes Joey's character unique, or could rather since he's previously often been lost in the shuffle, is his decency, honesty, artistic sensibility, and profound sensitivity. It made sense to me that he would become a curate, to offset his sibling Kevin, the cunning businessman and politician.

Joey is interesting because he is the kind of good guy who doesn't necessarily have to prove he's good through lots of action, fisticuffs or sex scenes (though you can have all that), but because of his own inner strength and intellectual curiosity. Before Malone's tenure went off the rails with Joey/Jen, I felt he was grooming Joey to become Andrew Carpenter Jr., and I think that was a great idea - a uniquely 'good' man who has chosen a different calling than most soap males, but has a burning passion within that threatens to consume him. If Cosgrove can play a layered role like that, and not just play "Bill," I'm all for it. Because the Bill Lewis the writers have mauled on GL is not Joey.

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