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DAYS: 1982 Episode Rankings now available

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1982 Episode Rankings. The following is a listing of how many episodes each actor appeared in on "Days of Our Lives" in 1982. http://www.jason47.com

Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes

1. Wayne Northrop (Roman Brady) 178

2. Deidre Hall (Marlena Evans) 175

3. Jed Allan (Don Craig) 136

4. Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera) 127

5. Philece Sampler (Renee Dumonde) 125

6. Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie Williams) 123

7. Bill Hayes (Doug Williams) 121

8. Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Horton) 116

9. Gregg Marx (David Banning) 114

10. Gloria Loring (Liz Chandler) 110

11. Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) 105

12. Catherine Mary Stewart (Kayla Brady) 103

13. Joseph Gallison (Neil Curtis) 102

14. Quinn Redeker (Alex Marshall) 100

15. Frances Reid (Alice Horton) 97

16. Anne-Marie Martin (Gwen Davies) 93

17. James Reynolds (Abe Carver) 90

18. Josh Taylor (Chris Kositchek) 89

19. John Clarke (Mickey Horton) 88

20. Roger Aaron Brown (Danny Grant) 86

*. Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton) 86

22. Lanna Saunders (Marie Horton) 82

23. Lane Caudell (Woody King) 70

24. Jean Bruce Scott (Jessica Blake) 69

25. John de Lancie (Eugene Bradford) 60

26. Jack Coleman (Jake Kositchek) 57

27. Dick Billingsley (Scotty Banning) 52

*. Patty Weaver (Trish Clayton) 52

29. Scott Palmer (Joshua Fallon) 48

30. Lane Davies (Evan Whyland) 44

*. Debbie Lytton (Melissa Anderson) 44

32. Leann Hunley (Anna Fredericks) 41

33. Robert Clary (Robert LeClair) 40

34. SICO (SICO the robot) 38

35. Martha Smith (Sandy Horton) 37

36. Renee Jones (Nikki Wade) 35

37. Shirley de Burgh (Delia Abernathy) 31

*. Diane Sommerfield (Valerie Grant) 31

39. Brenda Benet (Lee Dumonde) 30

*. Shawn Stevens (Oliver Martin) 30

41. Don Frabotta (Dave) 29

42. Andrea Barber (Carrie Brady) 28

43. Marty Davich (Marty) 27

44. Kathleen King (Gretchen) 26

45. Paul Coufos (Mike Horton) 19

46. Livia Genise (Mitzi Matuso) 15

*. Cyndi James Reese (Sally Johnson) 15

48. Steven Bourne (Tim Casey) 14

*. Katie Krell (Sarah Horton) 14

50. Melinda Fee (Mary Anderson) 12

*. Dorothy James (Esther Kensington) 12

*. UNKNOWN (Moonshine the cat) 12

53. Margaret Mason (Linda Anderson) 10

*. Kelley Miles (Dana Parker) 10

*. Madlyn Rhue (Daphne DiMera) 10

56. Corinne Conley (Phyllis Anderson) 9

57. Robin Eisenman (Kelly Chase) 7

58. Diane McBain (Foxy Humdinger) 6

*. Jennifer Roven (Laura) 6

*. H.M. Wynant (Orby Jensen) 6

*. UNKNOWN (John Henry the dog) 6

62. Robert Alda (Stuart Whyland) 5

*. Anne Bellamy (Celeste Dalton) 5

*. Jason Bernard (Preston Wade) 5

*. Rafael Campos (Jose) 5

*. Dr. Toni Grant (Dr. Toni Stone) 5

*. Michael Gregory (Cyril Edwards) 5

*. Bill Hudnut (Bellhop) 5

*. Ray Wise (Hal Rummley) 5

*. Bill Zuckert (Judge Klein) 5

71. Paula Victor (Elsie Stoner) 4

72. Andrea Hall-Lovell (Samantha Evans) 3

*. Anthony Seaward (Sarah Horton) 3

*. Donna Wilkes (Pamela Prentiss) 3

75. Jeremy Schoenberg (Johnny Stockton) 2

*. Danny Wells (Sticky Foot Slim) 2

77. Dean Brooks (Bart Devereaux) 1

*. Diana Douglas (Martha Evans) 1

*. James Hendo (Blake "Bluejay" Johnson) 1

*. Catherine Parks (Mitzi Matuso) 1

*. Tom Shell (Piano Player Tom) 1

*. Tammy Taylor (Hope Williams) 1

*. UNKNOWN (Jonah Carver) 1

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wow, its so strange how Roman and Marlena are way ahead of everyone else (I mean I did expect them to be the top two but didn't expect them to be about 40 episodes ahead of number 3) and that most characters seem to have been on only 2 - 3 times a week.

Was there a big turnover in cast this year or something?

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Wasn't 1982 another year where lots of people were being written out, both veterans and new characters who had not been popular with fans? Or was that only 1981?

Was 1982 the year of the serial killer story?

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*. UNKNOWN (Jonah Carver) 1

Interesting... was Jonah Carver a baby then? A kid brother of Abe? I would've figured Jonah was brought on in 1993 as some never-before-mentioned younger brother of Abe. Any knowledge as to the backstory of this?

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Dion: Here's the contract cast changes in 1982:

Contract Arrivals: (10)

1/18- Joseph Mascolo (Stefano DiMera)

1/18- Catherine Mary Stewart (Kayla Brady)

3/16- Debbie Lytton (Melissa Anderson)

4/14- Anne-Marie Martin (Gwen Davies) (recurring since 1/13/82)

4/30- Lane Caudell (Woody King) (recurring since 2/3/82)

6/1- Josh Taylor (Chris Kositchek) (return)

8/2- Leann Hunley (Anna Fredericks)

8/5- Shawn Stevens (Oliver Martin)

8/12- Martha Smith (Sandy Horton)

9/15- John de Lancie (Eugene Bradford) (recurring since 1/18/82)

Contract Departures: (13)

1/8- Tammy Taylor (Hope Williams)

1/29- Robert Alda (Stuart Whyland)

3/1- Melinda Fee (Mary Anderson)

4/1- Paul Coufos (Mike Horton)

4/20- Brenda Benet (Lee Dumonde)

6/1- Jack Coleman (Jake Kositchek)

7/1- Diane Sommerfield (Valerie Grant)

8/10- Patty Weaver (Trish Clayton)

9/22- Lane Davies (Evan Whyland)

11/9- Jean Bruce Scott (Jessica Blake Fallon)

11/22- Scott Palmer (Joshua Fallon)

11/29- Debbie Lytton (Melissa Anderson)

12/8- Martha Smith (Sandy Horton)

Interesting... was Jonah Carver a baby then? A kid brother of Abe? I would've figured Jonah was brought on in 1993 as some never-before-mentioned younger brother of Abe. Any knowledge as to the backstory of this?

Yes, I was shocked to see Jonah's name in the script. He is listed as a principal, not a U/5, so it would seem he was a young child. I never knew he appeared before Bumper Robinson played him from 1987-1988 (he was a friend of Carrie's back then). And then Thyme Lewis played him in the mid-90s. I just looked up the weekly summaries I have, and he is listed there, I had never noticed before. The one sentence says: "Abe improved after a visit from his little brother, Jonah." (Abe had been shot multiple times the previous week while saving David from Stuart's hitmen).

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I'd love to know what that SL was about :P Anyone know?

Was a full decade before JER joined.

The robot was invented by Chris Kositchek to help with learning disabled children at University Hospital. Eugene then got involved in the storyline and did some comedic stuff with the robot. They had a "name the robot" contest that Trista Evans won. She named it Awesome. Alex Marshall also used the robot to try and kill Alice, but it accidentally killed Neil's secretary, Gretchen.

From a newspaper article I found, it stated that the robot was even a member of SAG, the acting union. So that's the first, and only, non-human I've heard of as being in SAG! SICO's picture is available here: http://www.jason47.com/days/1982episodes.html

A biography on SICO: http://www.tvacres.com/robots_small_sico.htm

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Thanks, SouthofSoap, it's fun chronicling the history and learning new things about my favorite show in the process. I'll be wrapping up the 1980's over the next few months, so by the end of this year, we'll have a full 30 years of info available on "Days", all the contract changes, cast biographies, birthdays, episode rankings, etc... from 1980-2009! And for December, the full 30-year cumulative episode rankings from January 1, 1980-December 31, 2009.

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Gray Bunny: I just looked through the early 1982 Soap Digests and found this passage about Jonah's appearance, so the mystery has been solved!

Abe regains consciousness and finds Valerie and his six-year-old brother, Jonah, by his bedside. Jonah explains that their sister, Karen, is doing all the cooking because Mrs. Carver is ill. When Abe remarks that Karen isn’t a very good chef, Valerie offers to cook for the Carver family.

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    • Oh, how I laughed at that.   You're not. Some people have been saying the same. And Twitter definitely has been arguing that very point along with the potential return of Mary to SLC given she skipped the second season reunion. It sets a standard and people are going to wonder...especially the housewives themselves.   Perhaps he will ask on that one on one. Please register in order to view this content
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    • I cannot remember who began to HW when Pete left. Have to look it up. Maybe Tom King. But, I just figure that with Pete leaving the first sign of slippage in the ratings they would have predictably panicked. And, panic tends to bring CHANGE! Let me go look that up.  AW Mon., Mar. 5, 1979 2:30-4 1 hr to 90 min. When Lemay could not stand writing the 90 min. show is when he quit AW. It was Fred Silverman's idea & Paul Rauch jumped on it agreeing with Silverman. He & Pete fought, bitterly. AT first Pete stayed even though he was against it, but then he became exhausted & quit & wrote his scathing book.  AW Mon., Aug. 4, 1980 2-3 bk to 1 hr. Yes, Tom King & then Soderburg joined him as co-HW. 
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