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SoapsWEB Attempts to Name Top Couples of All Time

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Since I'm not a member of your board, Steve, I'll post my list here (if that's okay w/ you?). These are not exactly my favorite couples, but they are the ten I think are the most "culturally significant" for our genre.

10) Steve & Alice, ANOTHER WORLD

9) Josh & Reva, GUIDING LIGHT

8) Cruz & Eden, SANTA BARBARA

7) Doug & Julie, DAYS OF OUR LIVES

5) Greg & Jenny (tied w/) Jesse & Angie, ALL MY CHILDREN


2) Bo & Hope (tied w/) Patch (Steve) & Kayla, DAYS OF OUR LIVES



FWIW, though, here are my favorite couples, in order of significance to me:

1) Quint & Nola, GUIDING LIGHT

2) Greg & Jenny, ALL MY CHILDREN

3) Phillip & Beth (tied w/) Beth & Lujack, GUIDING LIGHT

5) Mason & Julia, SANTA BARBARA

6) Kyle & Reva, GUIDING LIGHT

7) Tom & Margo, AS THE WORLD TURNS

8) Sky & Raven, THE EDGE OF NIGHT

9) Mike & Erica, ALL MY CHILDREN

10) Herb & Dorian, ONE LIFE TO LIVE

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I know that some of you do not want to join my site to cast your votes. We now have 300 couples who have been listed. And since voting has been okay but on the poor side, we have a lot of ties. If some of you will, can you please list your favorite couples here. You can list as many as you want.

The only rule that sticks is that No Ballot With Only Couples From One Show Will Be Counted. That was something that has been suggested and I want to stick to that so the poll remains unbiased as possible. I know that some of you say that you have only ever watched one show and that is fine but if you want to participate just go over to the site and see who has been listed and think of some couples you think have impacted the history of soaps and add them to your ballot.


Voting is open until the 10th.

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Okay, No specific order


Doug & Julie

Mickey & Maggie

John & Marlena

Tony & Anna

Bo & Hope

Bo & Billie

Jack & Jen

Austin & Carrie


Sonny & Brenda

Jax & Brenda

Luke & Laura

Lucky & Liz

Frisco & Felicia


Ryan & Vicki

Sam & Amanda

Michael & Donna

Mac & Rachel

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Thanks TheHero.

All of those except for Karen & Marco are in the running for the list. I loved them too but sadly forgot them on my lists I made. No one else did either.

We have finished with the original voting and now onto ranking them and putting them into spots.

If you would like to participate check out: http://s15.zetaboards.com/SoapsWeb/forum/34117/

And you can help decide where all those you mentioned rank except for Karen & Marco of course.

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