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ABC Soap Scoop -- Dare I try this again? LOL

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This is an attempt to embed the original ABC source. If it worked, here is what I did:

A. I copied the embed code from the ABC site.

B. On the lower left of this screen, I selected "HTML On - Auto Linebreak Mode".

C. I pasted the widget directly, without editing.

ETA: I then went in and manually edited the width and height--inflated 1.5 times--to make the picture more comparable to Youtube.

ETA2: Ironic that ABC then advertises "full episodes online, in true HD"...but of course the ABC soaps are not available online, nor are they offered in HD. I understand why...they are trying to preserve Soapnet...but I think that horse has left the barn. ABC really ought to follow the CBS model...post full eps for 7 days. Indeed, at CBS, they just expanded their online stream of Y&R to widescreen...very cool!

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He has done Soap Scoop before with no problems. I know JT had a Boston PA this past weekend and was sick, so I'm guessing this could not have been filmed too much time before then. So maybe he was sick when filming this, too.

And if I was sick, I wouldn't give a damn, either. :P

But, who knows.

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