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ATWT: This Week

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Alison has PID and seeks comfort in Chris, therefore turning away from Aaron.

Emily decides to get her tubes tied and Casey is not happy about it.

Paul shoots Dusty, but Dusty decides not to press charges because of Meg.

Holden spots Dusty, but Dusty tells him not to worry because he plans on "staying dead".

Jack's injured, but Carly saves him. When he asks for another chance, she turns him down and tells him to go back to Janet.

Brad gets a new co-worker in the form on CBS.com's InTurn3 winner, Nell Mooney.

Next week:

Emily and Dusty have a steamy reunion.

Alison begs Chris not to leave town.

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These sound really good. ATWT has been really good lately and I hope it stays that way. I'm really looking forward to the Carjack stuff and can't wait to see what the plan is with Dusty. He has chemistry with everyone and I hope they give him someone closer to his age this time. Tired of seeing him with young ones.

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