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The SOD cover for next week has Nick/Phyllis and Brad/Sharon on the cover. The title: "One of these couples gives in to temptation." Guess who? Drumroll please...... Nick and Phyllis! Here's the article:

Nick is alone at Lauren/Michael's wedding, Jack/Phyllis have a falling out - Nick tells Phyllis he'll drive her home. She invites him in, they play video games lol, and drink wine

"They weren't planning on anything happening. They make it happen," says Joshua Morrow. Michelle Stafford says " It's not love, it's pure lust". Concurs Josh "it's straight banging, baby" (lol)

The next day Phyllis wakes up and Nick is gone already. When Nick gets home , Nikki notices he's in the same clothes as the night before. Phyllis comes over to meet w/ Nikki and the 3 have a tense scene. Nick/Phyllis agree to forget it ever happened. Nick feels so guilty.

Now on to Brad /Sharon:

Brad somehow ends up in St.Louis - his room's not ready, they hang out in her suite. They kiss again, much more passionate then the last one, but he breaks it off. Both then agree it was wrong. Sharon feels awful and wants to tell Nick about what happened, but will Nick confess first?

Hmm... things are getting really interesting!!!!

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I don't know what to think.. just WOW. Things are definitely heating up. In a way I'm looking forward to it (so we can get passed it) and in another, I'm dreading it..

I'm glad that they acknowledge that it's NOT love.

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