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Interracial Couples on the Soaps

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I was going to post this in that other forum but saw it was closed so I thought I would post here.

I took a black studies class and learned that African Diaspora is actually three times larger in Latin America than the U.S. and Canada since 95% of Africans were enslaved there. Most of the "brown" Latinos people see are actually of Native American descent and there are many Europeans (i.e. Spaniards, Portuguese, Germans, Italians) throughout the region as well. That's part of the reason why the census always says Hispanics/Latinos can be of any race.

I was thinking how intriguing it would it be to have two Latinos of different races involved in an interracial storyline. Like you could pair a Chicano and a Dominican or an Argentine with a black Brazilian. Most but not all Chicanos are Native American or half Native/half white, and many Dominicans are black, or half black/white. I don't know how well it would play out on a show like guiding Light when they already have had issues showing the few people of color they already have. I wonder if other shows have already done this or if it would be something new. interracial

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Well I doubt if it would be done well or it all, on ABC daytime. They have the Vegas who are in interracial relationships, and Adrianna who is a Santi so, there are several eg Marko is Spanish. But not the IR you are citing... I don't watch a lot of soaps anymore. I watch clips basically and will catch Angie/Jessie. Lilly/Cane are my favs also, Elizabeth Webber/Jason Morgan..and I watch The Tudors, I'm trying to get into Lost so I'm watching a lot of the old eppys...

Soaps for the most part are not as diverse I'd like. I think their African American audience as dwindled many loyal viewers have bailed for good hence we are part of their lost numbers many will not return...I'm at the exit door... we are a small 13% of the population but make up a large percentage of the TV audience eg I think we spend x amount of advertising dollars....is how it was explained to me so I'm not sure if this is correct or incorrect. I didn't see the stats so they said about 35%...and again this was over a year or so ago

I held out for Evangeline Williamson/Todd Manning it never happened so as a TSJ fan its hard to see him now. I watched that show for decades and remember the Halls/the Grays, I don't watch OLTL anymore (I read some posts championing a romantic sl with the woman he raped, Marty, ewww how sick is that)?

The Winters are a core family, although Drucilla was on before Neil she' gone.. Hubbards, but for the most part eg GH, there are no "core" families or characters who are in top tier A storylines "most of the people of color are just a step above bit day players, recurring, never or rarily under the sweeps umbrella. We have diversity on NS (night time) this season there is Touissant/Epiphany romance, Dr. Batra/Dr. Julian. I'm still trying to figure out what happened to Det Cruz on GH he just disappeared...I guess the same thing happened to him as with Stan when he just disappeared his job was given to Spinelli right on the show so he had nothing to do (no storyline). They don't write story for Kent and Minae (Dr. Winters/Dr. Lee) its really sad seeing them just propping Robin. As they watch newbie after newbie pass them by right into a sweep storyline.

Leyla is portrayed by an actress from the middle east NB (can't spell her name) what is she doing standing around?

I noticed your post because; I teach a class on computer scientists/mathmeticians of the African Diaspora eg Dr. Philip Emeagwali , Dr. Mark Dean and Trish Milliness Dziko so I am quite familiar with this fascinating era of history... the most interesting of all is that its still in place today

We explore the "marooned societies" as well.... ITA with your interest in that kind of storyline but I don't believe these networks would do it....That's why I have a satallite dish, I am able to catch global programming so I don't watch much American television its not diverse enough for me and doesn't reflect the kind of society I live in today...and when I do its mostly cable. Besides that they don't "promote African American talent on American networks" You won't see African Americans in their promos or splattered in headers on the major network's websites. Just the ones they want to represent their show. I saw a Black woman with the OLTL group (I think that was the show) when they got an Emmy. I think it was a few others. I almost fell off my chair...

Those who run Hollywood are the images you will see on American TV. I looked on corporate websites and didn't see diversity so? I'm not saying they don't have a diverse corporation or those that sit on their Board of Directors but when I looked at their media groups; I didn't see any but that was awhile ago so maybe they have one or two persons of color now. Maybe cameramen, wardrobe, breakdown, script, Head writers, Executive Producers :D

I have translators for some of the Spanish soaps because I got into them recently and haven't figured out if they have the editing in English

(dubbing/translation deal) yet. Its a pity my reasoning for wanting learn the world language so I can watch Spanish soaps :huh: I think you'll have to go to TeleMondo because I doubt it would happen on the major networks. They took Caine off and I liked it. so?

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    • Lanier is fine but I miss Hunter King as well. A lot of the material AL is struggling with currently HK would’ve had an easier time playing, she could knock out those bratty whiny freakout moments with little effort. AL’s Summer should be written as icier and more indignant.
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