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AMC: SOW Spoilers

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Thanks to Betty

Vincent Irizarry returns as David mid- to late fall.

Yaya DeCosta is out as Cassandra. Angie feels that Jesse isn't as sorry to see her go as she is.

Aidan & Greenlee are winners for tying the knot.

Ryan is a LOSER who stared lovelornly as his "true love" Greenlee married a real man...

Kendall & Greenlee learn that Annie knew that Ryan's vasectomy never happened. Ryan is pissed & his anger is directed at Kendall & Greens. Ryan does later confront Annie, & later confirms to a married Greenlee that he's in love w/ her (this week, anyway) & remembers having been totally & completely in love w/her (so much for Ryan's wedding vows about loving completely for the first time w/ Annie!). Greenlee tells Ryan that she's moved on.

Interview w/ Pratt...

(Fall Preview) JR & Babe will try to use her new perfume, Bella, to take Fusion over from w/in...Pete works w/ Adam (i.e. taints the pefume) because Pete wants to win Colby...

Zach wants Kendall to focus on their family, & throws himself into his work...Josh causes tension for Zendall & their issues come into focus...Ryan tries to stay w/ Annie for their children...Annie is desperate...Taylor is unable to deploy...Krystal helps Tad see that professional help is needed during these difficult days for Kathy...Erica will play mind games w/ Adam...

Old faves return...When asked if there will be deaths, Pratt's response was Yes, yes, yes...

Kendall tells Greenlee Ryan "loves" her...Cassandra goes to Paris...Jack kisses Carmen...Amanda has sex w/ Jake...Aidan & Ryan fight...Adam kisses Erica...

Kathy acts out...Taylor rescues Randi...Greenlee refuses to stay away from Ryan...

Fans think Greenlee is more likable when she's w/ Aidan.

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I am loving Pratt so far.... he seems to say all the right things and at least he is bringing classic Adam Chandler to the forefront and of course a scheming Erica. It sounds as if POD Erica may be going away :D

Returns..... hopefully alluding to Dixie and maybe Brooke? :D

Deaths? with an answer of YES x 3. Maybe 3 deaths?

If so please let it be Babe, Aidan and Sam Woods.

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I'd say Annie is safe, this is from Pratt's SID interview:

(paraphrased slightly)

What about Annie?

They(B&E) were basically going to make her into a crazed serial killer, but I'm more for making her slightly mad and desperate, these kinds of characters are necessary for the show

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I really like Pratt's comments about Annie... because B/E were making everyone a crazed killer... AMC was the crazed killer show. Hannah, Ritchie... characters who were not just flawed or a little OFF but got to the point of being unredeemable and that's a waste.

We know David's one of the 'returns' ... but he did use plural... so who else? Or more than one? I really hope Brooke is coming back, I'd love to see her as a mentor to Amanda, as was hinted a few years ago... that would be great.

I hope Amanda is not one of the deaths... she's the child of some beloved characters, and has loooong history with JR/Jamie, having grown up with them.

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