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AMC: SOW Spoilers

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From Betty at SOC(the coments in parenthesis are NOT mine):

Colin Egglesfields' Josh has been reduced to recurring.

Beth Ehlers' character is now Taylor Thompson

Greenlee & Aidan take a trip to Vegas where they meet Babs & Foster, a couple marrying after being apart for forty years. Aidan & Greenlee are their witnesses, & seeing how much time Babs & Foster have wasted prompts Greenlee to propose to Aidan. Soon Babs & Foster are acting as Greenlee & Aidan's witnesses. Ryan, Annie, Zach & Kendall arrive (Ryan has asked Annie to renew their vows) & we see Ryan's face dropping. Rebecca Budig shares that Greenlee's always dreamed of Ryan stopping her wedding & that subconsciously that makes her question marrying Aidan, but that Greenlee chooses to focus on happiness w/ Aidan instead.

The camera once again goes to Ryan when the minister asks if anyone knows why these two shouldn't be married...

An editor is happy that the teens confessed because she was sick of their relentless conversations about having hit Richie w/ their car...

Amusing interview w/ Thorsten Kaye...

The "Super Six" (SOW's words, not mine) are all in Vegas...

Zach has suggested Annie & Ryan go to Vegas to get Annie away from all of the stress Ryan & "the real Greenlee" have caused her...While Kendall knows that Ryan loves Greenlee (this week, anyway), Zach's sympathy is w/ Annie. After all, TK notes, Ryan has banged everybody in town & needs to make a decision...TK wonders who else Ryan is really in love w/...

TK also wonders why Ryan's anger was never addressed but simply disappeared w/ a snip...he notes that Richie basically killed himself by his own actions, & says that Annie should be mayor of Pine Valley...

The teens confess...Annie envisions Richie...Fletcher offers to let Frankie buy Randi...Carmen is fired...Babe & Amanda are fed up w/ Kendall & Greenlee who never come to work...

Krystal tells Adam she doesn't love him...JR wants to take over Fusion...Kendall has questions for Annie...

73% of poll respondents are feeling Greenlee overload...(Are you listening, Frons?)

A viewer loves Ailee...

A viewer loves the teen s/l...

Mail call - many viewers are DREADING a Ryan/Greenlee reunion...(Again, are you listening, Frons?)

A viewer hates how Angie is henpecking Jesse & Frankie...

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I wonder Ryan, but I don't think so, unless Pratt is having Amanda & Babe try and take over Fusion which is next to impossible given Kendall & Greenlee are equal owners.

JR/Babe are dumber than a box of rocks

I think it's leading into his stuff, but I don't think it's quite his stuff yet.

I know it's wrong, but this made me LMAO

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Why is Amanda still at FUSION anyway? She scored 5 million dollars out of JR's fake kidnapping thing. Would you still work there if you had money? That being said, I guess if she didn't work there, we'd never see her since TPTB won't write for her at all.

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