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Star Sighting!

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So it's been a long time since I've seen a soap star. I live in (Queens) NY, work in downtown Manhattan. Years back, I attended high school in Manhattan, on 66th St, near Lincoln Center, which is near the studios where they tape AMC and OLTL, so back then I used to see many of the actors from those shows. But that was years ago.

So imagine my surprise when I'm walking to the store where I work, and look through the window of this vegetarian eatery on my block, to see Tika Sumpter (OLTL's Layla) sitting at a table smiling and listening to a story from a longer-haired white guy who was gesturing a bunch (his back toward the window and me). She was as beautiful, if not more than she is on the show, and it was immediately eye-catching that her skin was SO clear and beautiful.

Of course I didn't bother her, just kept on walking to work, but it was surprising to see her in my part of town. Guess she eats vegetarian!

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