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ALL: Top Ten "Airhogs"


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For fun, I thought I would go through all the eppy's count and compile a list of the top ten "airhogs" (as SZ likes to call the them) in daytime.

I will update the list when we get B&B's totals. I think Ron Moss and Katherine Kelly Lang may have to be added so I will edit. AS will most likely be knocked out of the top 10 since KKL had been in 196 eppy's for year at the end of November.

Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...233/256 (AMC)

Steve Burton (Jason) - 222/256 (GH)

Laura Wright (Carly) - 220/256 (GH)

Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...215/256 (AMC)

Katherine Kelly Lang [brooke Logan Forrester] 215/251 (B&B)

Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...209/256 (AMC)

Maurice Benard (Maurice) - 206/256 (GH)

Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) - 205/256 (GH)

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) - 200/256 (GH)

Michael Easton (John McBain)-----203/256 (OLTL)

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