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DAYS: Wednesday

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Today episode was pretty good

I love Chloe.I love the edge of Chloe.That so nice to see Chloe care for Shawn.But i want more Chloe and Shawn

Loved the scene with Kayla/Steve/Bo/Hope.The 4 of them are just amazing

The scene with Sami/Lucas was good for onces

Chloe is the besttt

Two thumbs up for this episode

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I thought today was really good.

I knew the characters that returned for the reunion would be back today. I knew it had to be more then a day due to what was happening. Nice to see them again and I really liked Cynthia trying to get with every guy. I also was happy to see Susan/Chloe and a brief Cynthia/Jason interaction even if it was short. Just seeing them all there and reacting was enough but Susan sure was a busybody asking questions and so on.

I am loving Chloe. I think it's pretty clear Brady probably cheated on her and that is why she laid it on thick up there. Chloe is so much better. She has a confidence about her and there is layers. I also like how everytime she confronted someone, they got announced for an award :lol: . I also liked how she mentioned all the times she got picked on and how she felt indebted to Shawn. Based on her past and how others treated her, I can see why she would be the way she is too. Plus, her marriage and her career going south is a factor too.

Good scenes with Shawn and Belle too. I was waiting for the accessory stuff to come into play and this will no doubt buildup the BIG reveal even more. Good acting and writing here.

It was nice seeing Billie with Bo today and hopefully we see her in scenes with Kate soon too. I liked her scenes with Lucas lately and was glad they brought up Billie seeing him that night.

Nice Hope/Bo/Steve/Kayla scenes. Liked the mention of Hope's heated sheets and her saying for him and Kayla not to do anything her and Bo wouldn't. I love seeing them interacting and having fun and, boy, did Kate's scheme blow up as we all knew it would. Bo and Steve pieced that together rather quick and I think Lucas gave alot a way with his calling Steve. Loved that.

I was even into Lucas/Sami/EJ today only because EJ was laying into Sami and not being pathetic and Sami was pushing for answers from Lucas. Good scenes with these three today IMo. I was also happy to hear EJ's speech about how he couldn't force things with Sami. Nice touch and good ending. It seems to me Sami tries to get intimate with Lucas to try to get EJ out of her head though. Everytime she comes home it just seems like she is bothered by him and tries to forget him with Lucas. I think she loves Lucas and EJ still gets to her but I began to see that today. Also, the look on Lucas's face when Sami was questioning him told me he is covering for Will. It is beginning to be obvious, especially with EJ mentioning how Lucas may know who shot him. Liked the end with EJ calling as Lucas too.

Pretty good episode and week so far.

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