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GH: Whats This Storyline About?

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This was a bad period in GH history.

IIRC, Dr. Pierce Dorman was (mostly, there was another actor first) played by Tuc Watkins, best known for playing David Vickers on OLTL and for Desperate Housewives. He had an affair with Monica and dealt drugs through the hospital, which led to Emily becoming an addict. He was murdered, and for some reason, I think she may have been hooked as well, I can't recall, Brenda was a major suspect. Instead, it turned out an assassin for the Rivera(?) crime family, known as "the Tin Man", killed Dorman for mucking up the local drug trade, and this led to a lame story with Sonny, Brenda, and "the Tin Man" chasing after them.

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