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Days: Spoilers Week of October 15th

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Marlena and Belle tend to John; Lucas tries to convince Sami that John's accident was a coincidence; Stefano asks Tony to run the DiMera empire; Stephanie is jealous


John regains consciousness; Shawn arrives to comfort Belle; Lucas pleads with Sami; E.J. takes the annulment papers to Stefano; Chelsea finds Stephanie stalking Max and Morgan


E.J. wonders whether his father had something to do with John's accident; Bo finds pieces of a broken headlight at the accident scene; Sami and Lucas fight about her plan to wed E.J.


Marlena wanders the pier alone, thinking about John; the day is an emotional one for the citizens of Salem; Lucas tells Sami that he is ready to accept her decision to marry E.J.; alone in her bedroom, Marlena finally breaks down


Belle and Sami tell Marlena they are moving in with her; Sami is convinced that marrying E.J. is necessary; Bo tries to talk Shawn out of becoming a police officer

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Okay, if Andre actually dies I am happy on the fact this probably gives more time to Tony. And LOVE Stefano asking him to run the DiMera Empire. It would actually be fun to see Tony try but instead turn it into more than just an evil vicious empire.

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