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AMC SOW Online Fall Preview Interview

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AMC Fall Preview: Love Is in the Air

— By Julie Globus

ALL MY CHILDREN's new head writers, Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown, gave Weekly a sneak preview of love and war to come this fall in Pine Valley.

Weekly: Given that Kathy/Kate's adoption papers are somewhere under Adam's desk, can we expect him to play heavily into Tad and Julia's storyline this fall?

James Harmon Brown: He has the worst housekeeper in the world, because they are under a desk or under a couch or something. So we have to assume that he found them at some point. It will create a dilemma for all the characters in that story: Adam, Tad, Krystal and by extension, Julia, Kathy and Colby. All of those people are going to have large emotional stakes in this; the Adam/Krystal relationship and Krystal/Tad relationship. It's a moral dilemma that's going to be facing Adam.

Weekly: Will this storyline have the potential to spark a romance between Julia and Tad?

Brown: Julia is going to become closer and closer with Tad, and become a part of that extended family of Krystal, Colby and Tad and the kids.

Weekly: What's on the horizon for Krystal and Adam's relationship?

Barbara Esensten: Because Adam did such despicable things to Krystal, it's not going to be easy for them to get back together. One of the ways that Adam can get close to Krystal is by becoming Stuart, which is always so fun to watch. It's kind of a sweet love story of reconnecting this couple.

Weekly: How will Spike's condition and Ian's premature birth affect Zach and Kendall as a couple?

Brown: Kendall had two children who were injured. [That has caused] an ongoing push/pull with her throughout [this story].

Esensten: We know that Zach is going to have a major plan in mind to help Kendall through this. He is not without emotion, and he can get pissed at her, but their love is so strong that eventually he is going to figure out a way to fix this, the best way that he can.

Weekly: Will Hannah's return be yet another bump in the road for Zach and Kendall?

Esensten: When Hannah left and Zach was out on the terrace, we had no idea: Did he or didn't he? Is she pregnant? Did he do it? Or did he do it and it didn't work, or didn't he do it? Obviously, whatever happened that night is going to affect his relationship with Kendall.

Weekly: How will Zach react when he discovers that Aidan and Greenlee are developing a relationship after he hired Aidan to keep her away?

Brown: It will cause problems with both Zach and Ryan. Neither one of them at this juncture wants Greenlee to be in town.

Esensten: You have two powerful men that really want this woman gone, and that tends to make the hero quality in Aidan come out, and be more defensive. Perhaps if she wasn't the “hated” one, their relationship might not have developed the way it's beginning to, because he has to be a little protective of her.

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