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More Britney Songs!


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It's been a great weekend!

4 more Britney Spears songs have leaked, rumored to appear on her new album, and they're a HELL of a lot better than the leak of "cold as fire."

The names of the songs are:

1) Been A While

2) You Got Me High

3) Your...

4) Everybody

Britney samples "Sweet Dreams" on the track Everybody. I think it's just a demo. But it sounds good.

There are rumors that these were to make her 2005 album.........however we all know that there was NO Britney album in 2005, and there wasn't one planned. Britney's last original album was in 03, when she released In The Zone. There was a Remix, and Greatest Hits CD that followed, but they were not full of original material.

Let me know if you would like to hear them.

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