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ATWT: Friday August 3 Episode

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You got that right...I can see already that he's going to be in the Fast Forward Moment for me....I just don't like him; Sophie, I can bypass...

The over the top sincerity that Brad is suddenly choking up is annoying as hell.

Names We All Have for Miss Katie Peretti:






Also notice that the kiss that Fluffy gave was only half hearted, because she knows she ain't got the man completely....

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****BREAKING NEWS****....in a shocking twist of events, PJ still hates Katie. ***Further updates as conditions warrant....and we'll have a wrap up on the 5 and 6 pm newscasts...****

SERIOUSLY...am I really supposed to empathize with FluffZilla's (another Katie moniker, btw, and I've got a million of them, but they boil down to bitch) anguish, as she gazes at her ring declaring it "the happiest moment of her life...and the most worried she's ever been"????? Yeah, right, bitch. She's not worried about JJ, she's worried about losing Jack. And the more TIIC try and tell me Katie's as worried about JJ as Jack and Carly, the more it pisses me off.

I liked the rest of the Carjack stuff. Gwen and Sage were cute. I guess Parker's just going to be snarky every time he's upset. I was a little put off by his attitude with Carly today when she first came to talk to him.

I was scratching my head about Carly's questioning Jack's going to Idaho, but then I realized...Jack didn't tell her that Silas was in the joint for manslaughter. That's what he's "keeping" from her.

The Ali/Susan scenes were good. But I guess that's all we're going to see of Susan "battling" her alcoholism.

I liked the Cole/Sofie/Aaron stuff. Maybe it's the "newness" of their story...I don't have to bitch about how a recast is acting totally out of character, or how hypocritical the situation is, given someone's history. I don't know their history...ignorance is a kind of bliss.

Previews for next week....hmmn...looks like Carly slapped Jack good. And I wonder what Emma would say about boys in bathing suits rasslin' in her kitchen.

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